RocketRez is the world’s leading ticketing and guest experience solution for tours and attractions.

RocketRez started as the brainchild of John Pendergrast, who was struck by the outdated ticketing and point-of-sale options available for mid-market tours and attractions. As the industry's needs grow and technology sets a faster pace, tour and attraction operators face immense pressure to meet high expectations in the era of digital natives.

And that’s why we’re here.

Today, our complete ticketing and guest experience solution helps tours and attractions of every size and vertical maximize revenue, enhance guest experiences and simplify operations. The result? A fully integrated platform, unprecedented productivity, and faster, smarter decision-making.

Simply put: nothing else comes close.

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Our Values

At RocketRez, we believe in enabling unforgettable experiences that bring people together. We do that by building the most powerful platform for tours and attractions to arm them with the best insights (analytics) and inspiration (expert advice) on the planet.

Authentic Integrity

We commit to behaving with sincerity, transparency, and honesty in all our interactions, staying true to our values and principles, and building strong, lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Humble Experts

As experts in our field, we embody competence and skill, while upholding the values of respect, truthfulness, and confidence. We remain humble and never allow arrogance to overshadow our expertise.


We take both individual and corporate ownership of our work and deliver on project success.


We have an insatiable desire to seek out knowledge, experiment with new approaches, and innovate in our work.

Partner Focused  

We believe in the power of partnerships. They provide a solid foundation for mutual success and growth where needs are met, and healthy collaboration is possible.

Our Offices

The RocketRez team in the dining area in Steinbach, having a meal together.

Steinbach HQ

40 North Gate Drive
Steinbach, MB R5G 2T9
The RocketRez team in the dining area in Steinbach, having a meal together.


40 North Gate Drive
Steinbach, MB R5G 2T9
The RocketRez team in the dining area in Steinbach, having a meal together.

North & South America

Remote First Team
United States

Our Leadership

John Pendergrast

John Pendergrast, Founder / CEO

John Pendergrast is the Founder, CEO, and product visionary of RocketRez. He began RocketRez as a solo entrepreneur and has grown it to serve customers around the world, completed Series A and B fundraising rounds, and successfully navigated the pandemic shutdowns to help our customers overcome challenges and perform better than ever.
Kam Sandhu

Kam Sandhu, CFO

Kam Sandhu is the CFO of RocketRez. He brings over 20 years of experience building and leading high-performance teams, and a deep understanding of multiple industries (technology, manufacturing, and private equity) and environments (start-ups, public companies, and large private enterprises) to manage the ever-changing demands of RocketRez through periods of rapid growth.
Monica Marics

Monica Marics, COO

Monica Marics is the COO of RocketRez. She brings 30 years of experience in software for business and consumer markets. Her past roles include serving as GM for several businesses with over $100M in revenue, product management for hardware and software solutions, strategic market research, and leadership of large, distributed engineering organizations.
John Ryan

John Ryan, CMO

John Ryan is the CMO of RocketRez. He is a marketing executive and consultant with over 30 years of successful experience, drawing on diverse perspectives from his time spent as a salesperson, marketer, early-stage investor, advisor, and board member at companies from start-up to Fortune 500 level. He leads RocketRez's marketing efforts and ensures we are effectively positioned to win our key markets.
Aaron Levine

Aaron Levine, VP Engineering

Aaron is RocketRez's Vice President of Engineering. He specializes in software architecture and system design and is relied on as a versatile leader with a multi-disciplinary background. He's had recent success leading the transformation of EQ3's eCommerce business. In his free time, Aaron enjoys spending time with his family, exercising, and obsessing over keyboards.
Sean Harvey

Sean Harvey, VP Sales

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Ishani Uppal

Ishani Uppal, People and Culture Manager

Ishani Uppal is RocketRez's People and Culture Manager, leading the company's talent strategy and promoting a positive workplace culture. With over a decade of experience in HR, she's committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Under her leadership, RocketRez implemented numerous programs and initiatives for employee growth and development.
Scott Riddell

Scott Riddell, Director of Marketing

Scott Riddell is the Marketing Director at RocketRez. Before joining RocketRez, Scott helped grow eCommerce developer Bold Commerce from the ground level to more than 400 employees and over 100,000 eCommerce clients. Scott is passionate about using technology to improve the travel experience and is committed to helping RocketRez reach new heights.
Alejandro Moxey

Alejandro Moxey, Head of Sales

Alejandro Moxey is the Head of Sales at RocketRez. With over a decade of experience at the intersection of travel and technology, Alejandro's expertise has been honed through his work at large companies such as Marriott Hotels and Expedia Group. Alejandro's ability to build strong relationships with clients and his focus on customer success has been instrumental in driving RocketRez's growth and expansion.
Brian McKay

Brian McKay, Director of Project Management

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Daniel Pino

Daniel Pino, Director of Business Development

Daniel Pino is the Director of Business Development at RocketRez, with over 7 years of experience in the travel and hospitality industry. He is known as the Founder and CEO of TourOpp GO!, an automated messaging platform for tour and activity operators, which was recently acquired by RocketRez.

Our Board of Directors

Mark Evans

Mark Evans, Founder and CEO of Conquest Planning

Mark Evans is the Founder and CEO of Conquest Planning, a financial planning and investment management software company. He is an experienced Board Member with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.
Bobby Ocampo

Bobby Ocampo, Managing Partner at Blueprint Equity

Bobby Ocampo is the Managing Partner at Blueprint Equity with over 15 years of technology experience, specializing in investing and scaling high-growth software and technology-enabled services businesses.
Jan Lederman

Jan Lederman, Board Chair at RocketRez

Jan Lederman is an early-stage investor and board member with a background in law and business. She is a former senior partner at Thompson Dorfman Sweatman, LLP, and an active angel investor in startups in Canada and SE Asia.
Charles Chen

Charles Chen, Partner at Level Equity

Charles Chen is a partner at Level Equity with a decade of private equity and technology experience, specializing in growth-stage investments in software companies.

Our Investors

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