Event Management

Multiply Your Brand Exposure with Private Events

Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Group Bookings – there are so many reasons to host an event and the benefits are exponential.

Private Events Equal Public Exposure

Private and corporate events provide a significant influx of new visitors to your tour or attraction.

Hosting Events Give Multiple Revenue Streams in One

Private events are an opportunity to show all the best parts of your attraction at once to a large captive audience.

  • Show off your attraction at its best, without crowds and on their schedule.
  • Group bookings are scalable ticket sales with less effort.
  • Event tickets can easily be packaged with Food & Beverage and retail items.

Event Management Simplified

Your entire event management in one place with your tickets, retail, and food & beverage.

  • Your best opportunity to maximize revenue from events is to sell packages to attendees that include access, retail, and dining.
  • Managing your staff scheduling with your events calendar makes it easy to plan.
  • Keep your contracts, invoices, payments, inventory and vendor management all in one place.

Each Event Creates Exponential Value

One wedding could lead to years of secured new revenue from the exposure you get.

  • At a wedding with 100 people, 3 attendees might go on to host a corporate event, or another wedding, and bring their family to your attraction.
  • From those 3 new events that bring in hundreds of more people, 5 more might book group events.
  • The cost of marketing and advertising required compared to the real-life exposure you get from hosting events is incomparable.

Event Management Features

Private events, weddings, charters, group bookings, birthday parties and school field trips are just a few types of events that can all be managed from the RocketRez Event Management add-on module.

Banquet Event Organization

Contacts, schedules, food & beverage, and rooms. Organize everything you need to pull off an awesome event with our single source of truth software.

Quotes and Contracts

Build and send quotes and contracts that match your process to ensure timely payment and great customer communication.

Vendor Management

Keep track of vendors, send purchase orders directly and automatically, and order additional inventory based on pre-set rules.

Venue Management

Ability to set up your ticketing inventory to manage capacity by the site (building, boat, field, and more) and venue within your site (room, hall, theatre and more).

Accounts and Payments

Receive payments from customers, or send payments to third party vendors, and easily report on transaction history with our accounts functionality.

Case Studies

Integrated with your favorite partners

RocketRez comes out of the box with integrations into a set of best-in-class technology vendors to help you with payments, distribution, advertising, communication, pricing & more.

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