Fleet center

Capacity, Calendar, and Cargo for Tours and Ferries

Knowing what’s going on with every tour, every booking, and every event on your passenger vessels is critical to your tour and ferry operations.

Visualize your Fleet Operations

RocketRez fleet board provides a view of all your tours, manifests, and vessels in your fleet.

Fleet Board Calendar view for Ferries to see a schedule of all their vessels and their passenger, size and weight capacities.

Fleet Board for Ferries

This calendar view lets you see a schedule of all your vessels and their passenger, size, and weight capacities.

  • Plan your routes better when you know who has booked and what cargo they’re bringing.
  • Understand which trips reach capacities and where you can offset overages and add new routes.
  • Learn about your customer preferences to make their booking and boarding smoother and faster.

Move More Stuff with Cargo Management

When you’re moving people, vehicles, and cargo on the water there’s a lot to consider. Your software can help you make it easy.

  • Allow your guests to search their own vehicles when booking to automatically give you the car size, weight and details.
  • When shipping products give your customers the tools they need for a such as bill of lading to manage unaccompanied cargo.
  • Capacity management that includes weights and dimensions should be simple and efficient for both you and your guests.

Understand Your Demand

When your sales are tied to a limited capacity, you need to know which tours and routes have the highest demand.

  • See where you’re booking up the fastest and identify opportunities for premium pricing and services.
  • Automate your price changes based on rules you set for the number of tickets sold and how fast they’re selling.
  • Drop prices when the weather is rough to generate more demand with dynamic pricing.

Fleet Center Add Ons

Fleet Board

A calendar style visual showing multiple vessel schedules / capacities over a day week or month time frame.

Vehicle Lookup

A quick lookup database with thousands of vehicle make and model dimensions, which makes booking vehicle cargo quick and easy.

Shipping and Handling

Cover all your shipping and handling needs for business cargo, including your bill of lading, tracking and management of unaccompanied cargo.

Cargo Management

Customers can book cargo with their personal ticket including luggage and vehicles with smart functionality for length and width capacity.

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Integrated with your favorite partners

RocketRez comes out of the box with integrations into a set of best-in-class technology vendors to help you with payments, distribution, advertising, communication, pricing & more.

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