Food & Beverage

Quick Serve and Concessions: F&B for Tours & Attractions

Food and Beverage is at the heart of what brings people together at home and at your attraction.

Fast Food, Sit-Down, and Concessions

Food and beverage are often what turns an attraction into an experience.

Hungry People Are Not Happy Customers

Nothing breaks up a great time faster than a hungry child… or anyone else.

  • Providing food and beverage or concessions keeps people happy and energetic.
  • Guests who are quenched and satiated stay on-site longer and have a more enjoyable experience.
  • Guests who stay longer and have a better experience spend more, leave better reviews, and come back more often.

Food & Beverage Provides Additional Revenue

As tours and attractions grow in scope and scale, one of the first obvious ways to add new revenue is through food and beverage… which leads to several more.

  • Consider what kind of F&B suits your venue. Take-away, sit-down, basic concessions?
  • Do you have space for multiple types of F&B operations? Put them where your guests are already hanging out.
  • Private events and charters are ideal to add F&B to your offering. If you have sit-down F&B first, consider adding private events.

Don’t Go Home Hungry

More places on site for a visitor to stop, to buy, and to engage with your staff leads to greater guest satisfaction.

  • Connecting data from ticket buyers with concession purchasers gives a better picture of the customer journey.
  • A customer journey that includes more points of contact allows you to find opportunities for improvement.
  • Analytics on tickets, retail, and F&B enables better decision making and a better guest experience.

Food & Beverage Features

RocketRez provides full scale quick serve and concession food and beverage management system connected to your ticketing, retail, and back office platform.

Menu Management

Manage your food and beverage items, prices, descriptions and images to for website or restaurant POS.

Vendor Management

Manage orders, invoices, and inventory from all your F&B vendors in the same system as your ticketing operations and retail.

Restaurant POS

See our restaurant Point of Sale hardware options that work with any concession or quick serve configuration at your attraction.

Online Pre-ordering

Let your customers pre-order food and beverage bundled together with their tickets or events package.


Send orders directly from your service team to the kitchen where they’re viewed on the Kitchen Display System to be prepared and served.

Data & Analytics

Learn how your customer spend across ticket purchases, retail gift shop, and F&B when they use the RocketPass mobile experience platform.

Case Studies

Integrated with your favorite partners

RocketRez comes out of the box with integrations into a set of best-in-class technology vendors to help you with payments, distribution, advertising, communication, pricing & more.

Ready to see how RocketRez can transform your operation? Talk to an industry expert.