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MHV Streamlines Events and Online Ticket Sales

“The ability to manage those contracts - hold the deposit, schedule the payment process, communicate with an outside photographer or caterer. It will be great to manage that all within the RocketRez system.”

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Ticketing and Memberships for

Museums and galleries operating as non-profits have a unique set of business software requirements to growth both earned and contributed revenue.

turn visitors into members

Turn Visitors Into Members

  • Converting one-time visitors into members can increase their value 4.5x over ten years
  • Members provide predictable recurring monthly and annual revenue with ticket sales through you most profitable direct sales channels.
  • Members are not only great customers, they will be your best brand ambassadors spreading the word about your venue.
private events are great exposure

Private Events Are Great Exposure

  • Each time someone hosts an event at your museum or gallery, dozens of potential new customers are exposed to your venue.
  • Guests who may not have come to your attraction before might now return with their family or host their own event.
  • Each event attendee is an opportunity to request a review or encourage to return with a timely promotion.
RocketPass at museum

Add to Your Guest Experience

  • A mobile platform like RocketPass connects guests with the attraction.
  • Real-time communication lets visitors know what’s going on during their visit.
  • Providing information about exhibits and attractions leads to a better overall guest experience and reported satisfaction.

Museums and Galleries Features


Manage membership recurring billing, rates and entitlements, and member communications.


Collect donations as individual contributions or rounding up on ticket and retail purchases

Private Events

Secure bookings for private events and weddings with quotes including tickets and dining options.

Group Sales

Capture information up front about the group preferences for school field trips, birthday parties, and corporate events.

Rotating Exhibits

Quickly and easily add rates and information for new exhibits and tours as they come and go from the museum.

Visitor Engagement

Keep visitors up to date with real-time notifications and pre and post-visit information by email, SMS, and RocketPass.

Integrated with your favorite partners

RocketRez comes out of the box with integrations into a set of best-in-class technology vendors to help you with payments, distribution, advertising, communication, pricing & more.

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