Introducing Dynamic Pricing for Enhanced Guest Experiences

Matt Lederman
May 21, 2024

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between RocketRez and Spotlio, two tour and attraction leaders. By integrating Spotlio’s cutting-edge dynamic pricing tools with RocketRez’s robust ticketing solutions, we are introducing a smarter, more flexible pricing strategy designed to enhance every guest's visit and increase revenue for operators.

How Does Spotlio Work?

The Spotlio method adjusts ticket prices in real time based on your business demand. Much like an airline ticket, a ticket to your attraction will become more expensive as the day approaches.

The idea is simple: provide the best possible buying experience by incentivizing early bookings. This allows customers to save money and allows operators to optimize crowd management and ensure every visitor can enjoy their visit without the drawbacks of overcrowding. Using Spotlio effectively can often increase revenue for an attraction business. 

Benefits of Dynamic Pricing

1. Enhanced Guest Experiences

Dynamic pricing allows an attraction to better control crowd sizes, ensuring that attractions are neither underfilled nor overflowing. By smoothing out attendance, we can guarantee that each visitor has the space and opportunity to fully enjoy their experience without compromise.

2. Revenue and Market Adaptability

It maximizes revenue by adapting prices based on real-time data. This helps our business stay competitive and respond quickly to market changes or competitor actions. The ability to adjust prices dynamically means we're always offering the best value proposition at the best price point.

3. Customer-Centric Strategies

Spotlio's tools enable RocketRez customers to harness real-time data to fine-tune their pricing strategies, effectively targeting different customer segments. This leads to increased customer satisfaction as prices are adjusted according to demand, ensuring that tickets are priced fairly based on the value they offer at any given time. This fosters customer loyalty - and encourages repeat visits.

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4. Operational Efficiency and Growth

The scalability of dynamic pricing means it can grow and evolve alongside our customer’s business. This flexibility supports not only operational efficiency but also strategic decision-making. During busy periods, customers can plan better for staffing and other operational needs, ensuring that they are always prepared to offer the best possible experience, whether it's a bustling holiday weekend or a serene weekday escape.

5. Insightful Data Collection

With dynamic pricing, every adjustment provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. This data is a goldmine for improving marketing strategies and overall customer engagement. By understanding what attracts guests during different times and conditions, customers can tailor our offerings to better meet guest needs and expectations.

Looking Ahead

This partnership with Spotlio represents a significant leap forward in how we approach customer service and business operations. By embracing dynamic pricing, RocketRez is not just adapting to the changes in the market; we are setting a new standard for how attractions interact with their guests.

This partnership aligns with our goals of enhancing the guest experience and maximizing the revenue potential of our customer base. This is just the beginning of the marketplace we're trying to build for our customers.

“Spotlio is a leader in revenue management in the skiing and water parks segment across Europe and the US. We're excited to enable tours and attractions to also benefit from their technology.” - Daniel Pino, Director of Business Development for RocketRez

As we roll out these new tools, we invite you to join us in experiencing the benefits of smarter pricing. Whether it's taking advantage of a quieter day to enjoy your favorite attractions or choosing the perfect day to visit when the vibe is vibrant, our new pricing strategy is all about giving you more choices and better options.

Thank you for your continued support as we embark on this exciting journey together. With dynamic pricing, every visit will be perfectly priced, perfectly timed, and perfectly wonderful. Welcome to the future of ticketing with RocketRez and Spotlio!

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Dynamic Pricing
Matt Lederman
Marketing Manager