Leading tours and attractions have one thing in common.

They harness the power of RocketRez’s all-in-one platform to streamline day-to-day operations and gain valuable insights to predictably grow revenue.

Product image showing how the RocketRez ecosystem works together, from a fully customizable web checkout to a point-of-sale system, membership cards, a custom mobile app experience and integrated communications with customers.
Trusted by the world's leading tours and attractions.

Don't let operational chaos hold you back.

Without a unified ticketing platform, managing ticket sales, operations, and guest experiences can become a logistical nightmare.

Disconnected systems can lead to miscommunication, operational inefficiencies, and ultimately, dissatisfied guests. Don't let these issues hinder your growth and reputation.

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Two quotes displayed in the image. First quote: "It's hard to accurately match ticket sales with our actual seating capacity, so we get unhappy guests when we're overbooked." 

Second quote: "I'm wasting time pulling data from different sources to get a full picture of where we're at daily."

Harness the power of a
true all-in-one platform.

While each component of our platform is impressive on its own, the real magic happens when they're used together.

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Simplify performing day-to-day operations

Our platform empowers you to effortlessly oversee daily tasks and operations, freeing up time for strategic focus and growth, ensuring seamless operations at every step.

Product image of how RocketRez's Point of Sale software looks like, helping tours and attractions to simplify day-to-day operations.
Choose which reports to automate and easily manage your finances and accounting with RocketRez.

Easily manage finance and accounting

With our intuitive tools, handling finance and accounting becomes a breeze, allowing you to stay on top of your financial health and make informed decisions with ease.

Streamline marketing and communications

Drive engagement and growth by centralizing your marketing efforts and communication channels, enabling targeted campaigns and fostering meaningful connections.

Streamline your marketing and communications with your customers, whether by email or SMS.
Create a world-class guest experience by delivering magical and memorable moments.

Create a world-class guest experience

Elevate your guests' experience to new heights with personalized interactions and seamless services, leaving a lasting impression and building loyalty for your brand.

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Don’t take our word for it.
Check out what our customers say!

These are only a few of the amazing stories that have come out of the companies who have chosen to work with RocketRez.

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“When we signed up with RocketRez, we thought we’d get a vendor, but in reality we’ve found a helpful partnership.”

Our dedicated team of experts is committed to ensuring your success.

Personalized Onboarding

Our dedicated onboarding team will get you set up with personalized onboarding and training from day one.

Dedicated Partners

We work closely together to understand your business goals and ensure that RocketRez is set up to meet your unique needs.

Ongoing Training

Watch hours of detailed training so you can master RocketRez’s powerful tools and be better at growing your business.

Take the first step today.

Working with RocketRez is as easy as 1-2-3. We've streamlined our process to help you upgrade your ticketing system effortlessly.

“We just love RocketRez. Everyone says it. It’s just so user friendly and intuitive.”
“When I started, I thought I would need a week to learn the whole system. It takes a somewhat savvy person ten minutes to learn it and figure it out.
“It’s cut down on a lot of time for us! We have hours and hours of time saved from switching to RocketRez.
“Change is always hard, but it is necessary  for all of us to move forward. I'd give RocketRez a try, it's one of the easiest transitions we have made.