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RocketRez Customers Perform Better

Compound your revenue growth
17% YoY
Tours and attractions using RocketRez show significant growth year over year compared to other ticketing platforms.
Increase lifetime customer value
Attractions using RocketRez convert more guests to members and increase the lifetime value of every visitor.
Higher satisfaction on RocketRez
Attractions using RocketRez for their guest experience get more positive reviews.

The RocketRez cloud ticketing platform is built to drive more direct sales through your most profitable channels while adding efficiency to operations and delighting your guests.

RocketRez Core Modules

Powering the next generation of tours and attractions

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RocketPass is your guest experience portal that brings together every element of the customer journey. It enables scanning, purchasing and real-time communication with your guest while providing data and insights that you can’t get anywhere else.

Scanning and Purchasing

Visitors use RocketPass to scan into your attraction purchase retail and food and beverage items.


Send real-time communications to your visitors before, during, and after their experience.

Data and Insights

See where guests are spending their time and their money while visiting your attraction.

Checking out tickets on a tour website

Ticketing and Reservations

RocketRez provides a true omni-channel ticket purchasing experience. Sell online, in-person, over the phone, at kiosks, and through dozens of online travel agents. Meet your customers where they are buying.

Single Source of Inventory

Tickets sold through any channel are pulled from a single source of inventory.

Flexible Ticket Rules

Customize your ticket rules and rates to suit the business requirements of your tour or attraction.

Pricing Automation

Automate upsells, dynamic pricing adjustments, and product bundles to increase your average order value.

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Pricing and Promotions

Save time and costs by managing all your ticket, retail, and food & beverage pricing and promotions in one place. Set price rules and rates, discounts, coupons, gift certificates and bundles.

Increase Conversions

Generate more demand for your tickets with promo codes and flash sales.

Increase revenue

Create upsell and cross-sell offers to show with ticket purchases.

Dynamic Pricing

Automate pricing adjustments to maximize revenue from every ticket sold.

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Business Intelligence

RocketOffice provides critical data and insights from every customer and every purchase to enable faster, more intelligent business decisions that lead to an elevated guest experience.

Clarity Dashboard

See clearly what channels, products, prices, and promotions are working.


Generate custom reports that work with your accounting system.

Dynamic Pricing

Automate pricing adjustments to maximize revenue from every ticket sold.

RocketPass at museum

Guest Engagement

Turn visitors into lifelong members. Engage your visitors throughout their experience with email and SMS notifications that lead to higher customer satisfaction and positive reviews.


Keep in contact with your visitors before, during, and after their on-site experience.


Provide entitlements and rewards to frequent visitors. Manage your complete list of contacts.

Customer Satisfaction

Gather pre-visit information with digital forms and follow up with automated surveys that lead to more positive reviews.

Case Studies

Governors Island Adds Self-Serve Kiosks to Improve Customer Service Experience

“We’re excited to have a whole chain of ticket purchasing options – from online ahead of time, to ‘day-of’ at a kiosk, to a ticket agent on-site available to answer the phone or any questions as needed.”

Learn how flexible ticketing reduced bottlenecks
Governors Island Image

Chicago Line Cruises Streamlines Seasonal Employee Training

“I thought I would need a week to learn the whole system. When we made the switch over, I learned the system in about ten minutes. Anyone could. It’s just user-friendly. Lots of things that would take a lot of time previously take no time now. We have hours and hours of time saved from switching to RocketRez.”

Read the case study
Chicago Line Cruises image

Maui Ocean Center Envisions a Life-long Customer Journey Powered by Tech Automations

"When I started, we were not doing online ticketing. We were using a retail inventory system. We switched to [an online provider], but it took 3 and a half minutes to process a customer, and it’s not scalable. It created extra labor demands. My focus is trying to automate and make things run more efficiently. This is the appeal that RocketRez has."

Read about their ambitious vision for the future of Maui tourism
Maui Ocean Center

RocketRez Brings More Value

A world class ticketing and operations platform built to elevate the guest experience with data and insights you can’t get anywhere else.

Talk to an expert about your digital transformation
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Data and insights you can only get with RocketRez

“We need a lot of visibility in data sets, and in the past, it's been ‘garbage in, garbage out’. I want us as an organization to become much more intelligent about how we look at data and how we allocate resources based on this data.”

Tapani Vuori, General Manager, Maui Ocean Center

Elevate Your
Guest Experience

Provide a seamless customer journey that creates lifelong ambassadors for your attraction.

Real-Time Communication

Engage with your customers before, during, and after their visit.

Know Your

Capture data from every touchpoint and interaction with your brand.

Smarter Business Decisions

With Data and insights from customer touchpoints and feedback to improve your guest experience.

Revenue Management for Tour Booking Systems
Revenue Management

Increase revenue by 38% in the first year on RocketRez

A greater proportion of direct sales, intelligent dynamic pricing, automated upselling, and a single source of inventory for all sales channels lead to more revenue from every customer and every ticket sold.

Direct Sales

RocketRez customers get more direct sales than the industry average while growing revenue year over year.

Dynamic Pricing

Automated A.I. driven dynamic pricing maximizes the revenue from every ticket sold.

Upselling &

Increase AOV on every transaction by upselling to VIP packages or cross-selling tickets and retail items in the same cart.

Single Source of Inventory

A single source of inventory for all your sales channels allows you to truly sell out your tour or time-slot.

Channel Management image
Channel Management

Channel management is more than just connectivity

Each channel you sell through has its own business requirements. Don’t lose crucial revenue to rules set by OTAs.

Unlocked Inventory

Stop losing sales by locking up ticket inventory on your weakest sales channels.

Truly Sell Out

Hit your max capacity by sending inventory to your hottest sales channels.

Maximize Distribution

RocketRez integrates directly with the leading Online Travel Agencies to give you more exposure when you need it.

Channel Preferences

Set specific rules for days, times, and prices to sell on each channel and OTA.

Tickets, Retail, Food & Beverage with RocketRez
Tickets, Retail, Food & Beverage

Sell tickets, retail, and food & beverage together

The value of tickets, retail, and F&B together in a single platform extend across operational efficiency, data capture, inventory management, and guest satisfaction.


Sell tickets, retail, and F&B together in one cart online.


Put your wallet away and use a single QR code for all your on-site transactions.

Save Time

Manage your inventory, vendors, and sales channels all in one backend admin.

Real Omni-Channel

Online, in-person, phone, kiosk, POS, and OTAs – all products, all channels, all in one system.

RocketRez Addons

Platform Add-Ons

Add more components of the RocketRez ticketing platform to increase the value and improve your guest experience.


Increase your average order value and spend per customer

  • Manage your gift shop products in the same systems as your tickets.
  • Sell retail items in-store or online together with tickets.
  • Upsell retail items with ticket sales.
Learn more

Food & Beverage

Enhance your guest experience with food and concessions

  • Manage your fast food or sit-down restaurant in the same place as your tickets and retail.
  • Pre-sell food items together with ticket sales online.
  • Get a better picture of everything a customer does from web ticket purchase through on-site visit.
Learn more

Event Management

Grow your customer base

  • Expose large groups of potential new visitors and members to your attraction.
  • Manage private events like weddings, corporate bookings, large groups in the same system as public sales.
Learn more


Tools for you and your staff as part of your ticketing platform

  • Timekeeping to keep track of who has started their shift for the big rush.
  • Staff scheduling – so everyone knows where to be and when.
  • Payroll runs – accurate records of employee hours worked so they can get paid!
Learn more

Fleet Center

Ease of booking for travelers improves the guest experience

  • A full view of the schedules, capacity, vehicles, cargo, weight, ticket sales, and passenger manifest for every vessel in your fleet.
  • Save time and reduce costs with fewer support hours and effort.
  • Re-focus staff in other areas of importance.
Learn more

Inventory Management

Built for high volume gift shops

  • Control your stock levels to be prepared for peak season.
  • Manage inventory ordering in the same system with your POS.
  • Draw from a single source of inventory for both online and in-person sales.
Learn more


Give your guests a canvas

  • RocketPhoto allows your guests to get the perfect shot of their experience.
  • Sell photos together with tickets online or on-site in person or at a kiosk.
  • RocketPass brings it all together and allows photo purchasing with a QR code and delivered to their mobile device for instant sharing.
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Here’s what people have to say about us

“There have been a few times when I needed customer support on a weekend. Not many places are open or available over the weekend. We had issues that were time-sensitive that couldn’t wait until Monday. RocketRez got back to us right away. The responsiveness for customer service is excellent.”

Chicago Line Cruises - a RocketRez client
IT Consultant, Chicago line Cruises
Mia Alba

“We need a lot of visibility in data sets, and in the past, it's been ‘garbage in, garbage out’. I want us as an organization to become much more intelligent about how we look at data and how we allocate resources based on this data."

Maui Ocean Center Logo
General Manager, Maui Ocean Center
Tapani Vuori

“When we signed up with RocketRez, we thought we’d get a vendor, but in reality we’ve found a helpful partnership where we can ask questions and regularly hear back from them within a couple of hours, not waiting days or weeks.”

Reunion Tower Logo
Dir. of Ops, Reunion Tower
Shawn Miller

"RocketRez is wonderful for admissions, guided tours, cafe, lodging, education programs, & special events. The reports are easy to access and helpful. I'd give RocketRez a try, it's one of the easiest transitions we have made.”

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center - a RocketRez client
Director of Tourism, Fossil Rim
Donna Steakley