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Turn one-time Guests into Lifetime Members with RocketRez's Membership Module.

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Turn visits into lasting relationships with RocketRez.

Unlock the power of membership programs to foster loyalty and sustainable revenue.

Easy Setup

Our memberships module offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to tailor your memberships program to reflect your brand's unique identity.

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Customize membership programs to fit your brand's rules, benefits, durations, and member levels effortlessly.

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Offer flexibility with multi-use or time-based passes, accommodating various membership preferences and usage patterns.

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Provide convenience and special perks for monthly or annual members, enhancing their overall experience and incentivizing long-term commitment.

Steady Income

We make it easy for you to mitigate seasonality, foster loyalty, and drive recurring revenue.

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Track all membership activity and data within RocketRez, enabling easy sales, upsells, and accurate reporting for informed decision-making.

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Tailor membership benefits, levels, and renewal periods to meet the diverse needs of your customer base, fostering brand loyalty and retention.

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Automatically apply member discounts at your listed locations through RocketRez, increasing member satisfaction and encouraging repeat visits.

Enhanced Engagement

RocketRez empowers you to create a membership experience that resonates with your audience.

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Digitally deliver memberships via email for instant access on patrons' devices or provide physical cards for those preferring a tangible option.

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Grant members access to an online account on your website, offering exclusive benefits and further strengthening their connection to your brand.

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Use robust reporting features to track member activity and send automated communications for timely renewal reminders, enhancing member engagement and retention.

What do you get with Memberships and Guest Engagement?

Offering memberships to your attraction is one of the best ways to secure predictable recurring revenue and increase the lifetime value of your best customers.

Recurring Billing

Automatically charge memberships fees on a monthly or annual interval, and manage billing details.

Contact Management

Maintain a list of all your visitors and buyers, including their personal and payment information, visit and purchase history.


Request feedback from visitors after they've left your attraction to improve your guest experience.

Forms & Waivers

Collect information before the traveller arrives to speed up access and ensure their preferences are met.

Rates, Discounts & Offers

Give your most loyal customers the rewards they deserve with special rates, discounts, and rewards.

Integrated with your favorite partners.

RocketRez comes out of the box with integrations into a set of best-in-class technology vendors to help you with payments, distribution, advertising, communication, pricing & more.

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