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Effortlessly plan and execute memorable events with RocketRez.

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From Private Functions to Corporate Gatherings

Simplify your event planning process with RocketRez's Event Management module.

Efficient Quoting and Contracting

Streamline your event booking process with customized quotes and contracts, ensuring timely payments and clear communication with customers.

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Tailor quotes and contracts to match your process, ensuring timely payment and clear communication with customers.

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Streamline vendor management by keeping track of vendors, sending purchase orders directly and automatically, and ordering additional inventory based on pre-set rules.

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Manage ticketing inventory to control capacity by site and venue within your site, optimizing space utilization and maximizing revenue potential.

Comprehensive Payment Management

Simplify payment handling with our integrated account functionality, allowing for seamless transactions and transparent reporting on transaction history.

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Seamlessly handle payments from customers or send payments to third-party vendors with ease using RocketRez's account functionality.

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Easily report on transaction history, providing transparency and accountability throughout the payment process.

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Easily reconcile payments between customers and third-party vendors, streamlining financial operations and ensuring accuracy in transaction tracking and reporting.

Simplified Resource Planning

Centralize your event information and streamline resource planning with our event management tools, facilitating smooth coordination of contacts, schedules, and venue bookings.

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Centralize your event information with RocketRez's event management portal, simplifying resource planning and organization.

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Send quotes to prospective groups, preload venue availability for online requests, and hold venues for a designated period to facilitate seamless booking processes.

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Customize payment schedules to accommodate customer needs, allowing for deposits and payments on agreed-upon schedules.

What Do You Get With Event Management?

Private events, weddings, charters, group bookings, birthday parties and school field trips are just a few types of events that can all be managed from the Event Management module.

Banquet Event Organization

Contacts, schedules, food & beverage, and rooms. Organize everything you need to pull off an awesome event with our single source of truth software.

Quotes and Contracts

Build and send quotes and contracts that match your process to ensure timely payment and great customer communication.

Vendor Management

Keep track of vendors, send purchase orders directly and automatically, and order additional inventory based on pre-set rules.

Venue Management

Ability to set up your ticketing inventory to manage capacity by the site (building, boat, field, and more) and venue within your site (room, hall, theatre and more).

Accounts and Payments

Receive payments from customers, or send payments to third party vendors, and easily report on transaction history with our accounts functionality.

Integrated with your favorite partners.

RocketRez comes out of the box with integrations into a set of best-in-class technology vendors to help you with payments, distribution, advertising, communication, pricing & more.

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