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Simplify ticketing, gift shop, and dining services to provide guests with an unforgettable ‘underwater’ experience.

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Transforming Aquarium Experiences with Maui Ocean Center

“When we do a transaction in any of the areas (ticketing, retail, food and beverage) it drops the revenue in the correct accounting bucket on the back end. It has an integration with our CRM. We need a lot of visibility in data sets, and in the past, it's been ‘garbage in, garbage out’. I want us as an organization to become much more intelligent about how we look at data and how we allocate resources based on this data.”

- Tapani Vuori, General Manager, Maui Ocean Center

Drive repeat visits with flexible memberships

Centralize the management of annual passes and memberships to streamline access and foster customer loyalty.

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Enable guests to purchase memberships effortlessly, with customizable options for families or individual preferences.

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Streamline the renewal and upgrade process for annual passes and memberships directly within the platform.

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Utilize membership data to personalize promotions and offers, increasing member engagement and spending.

Integrated ticketing, retail and dining solutions

Combine your various business areas into a single platform to boost sales by offering integrated solutions.

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Merge various aspects of your aquarium's operations into a unified platform to enhance sales opportunities through integrated solutions.

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Offer bundled packages combining admission tickets with souvenir items or dining vouchers.

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Track guest spending across different areas to optimize sales strategies and improve the overall guest experience.

All your data in one system

An all-in-one system means you have more data on your customer preferences - and fewer headaches from managing software.

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All of your products, pricing, and sales channels are managed in one place.

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Detailed reporting on each part of your revenue operations in a single dashboard.

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Insights into how to improve your attraction and create a personalized experience.

Aquarium-Specific Features

Annual Passes

Provide unlimited access with annual passes, encouraging repeat visits and fostering customer loyalty.

Flexible Memberships

Offer tailored membership options, including gift memberships and family packages, to accommodate diverse customer needs.

Exhibit Scheduling

Easily manage exhibit schedules, including feeding times, presentations, and special events, to optimize guest experiences.

Animal Encounter Booking

Enable guests to book up-close encounters with marine life, with integrated scheduling and capacity management.

Contactless Payments

Support a variety of contactless payment options to make transactions quick, easy, and secure for guests.

Retail and Dining Integration

Effortlessly manage ticketing alongside souvenir sales and dining experiences within the same system, ensuring a seamless guest experience.

Special Events

Host private events to boost brand visibility, fully integrated with your ticketing operations to streamline the planning process.

Guest Engagement

Engage with guests to understand their preferences and ensure a memorable and enjoyable visit to your aquarium.

Integrated with your favorite partners.

RocketRez comes out of the box with integrations into a set of best-in-class technology vendors to help you with payments, distribution, advertising, communication, pricing & more.

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