People Management as Part of
Your Operations Software

Schedule your staff the same way you manage your inventory and track your advance bookings. Do it all in one place.

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Manage your staff schedule with your tour schedule.

Tours and events are part of the same process as staffing and product inventory. They shouldn’t be managed separately.

Staff scheduling

Plan your day from top to bottom.

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Schedule your staff based on your ticket sales and tour schedule.

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Never over or under-staff for your events.

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Know where your staff will be and when they will be there.

Employee timekeeping

Know where your staff is and understand their activity.

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Create unique profiles for each staff member so you know them better.

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Employees can clock in and out by using a web-based link on the POS or mobile device.

Payroll runs

Run accurate reports to get your staff paid on time.

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Reports based on your employee time keeping that gets sent to your payroll provider.

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Pay your employees what they deserve connected to their timekeeping activity.

Staff your attraction as you need to

Staffing has always been a key challenge for tours and attractions. Staff scheduling and timekeeping that are connected to your ticketing operations allow you to prepare efficiently for every day with your most valuable resource – your people.

Employee Timekeeping

Create profiles for all employees to clock in and out of work using an online link.

Staff Scheduling

Show all employee work schedules on a display and connect to custom rules based on information from ticket sales.

Contracts and Payments

Connects to your employee timekeeping module to create a report to send to your payroll provider.

Integrated with your favorite partners.

RocketRez comes out of the box with integrations into a set of best-in-class technology vendors to help you with payments, distribution, advertising, communication, pricing & more.

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