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Integrate RocketRez with the tools your teams use everyday, giving you the power to share data between your systems, increase sales, and optimize your workflows like never before.

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Online Distribution

Expanding Your Reach

Connect your live ticket inventory to global resellers and industry-leading OTAs through our direct integrations and channel management partnerships.

Access customers around the Globe, including TripAdvisor's audience.

Expose your attraction to millions of worldwide travelers with no upfront costs.

Connect to the largest distribution network seamlessly.

Amplify your bookings through a marketplace of unique resellers.

Unlock direct sales through Google’s expansive reach.

Bundle your offerings with other top attractions.

Be part of a network offering multi-attraction passes.

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Customer Relationship Management

Building Stronger Customer Connections

Understand and improve your customer offer by instantly sending customer and order data directly to your favorite CRM.

World-leading CRM for managing customer interactions.

Streamline marketing, sales, and service processes.

Nurture and manage your donor relationships.

Streamline Communication

Simplified Messaging, Enhanced Engagement

Sell more products, get more reviews, drive efficient customer service, and deliver a highly personalized experience with our suite of communication tools.

Streamlined SMS communications and the industry's leading AI chatbot.

Market smarter with targeted email campaigns.

Reliable, scalable email delivery service.

Secure and Fast Payments

Effortless Transactions, Enhanced Security

Improve your conversion rates and increase your security with our modern payment processing technology partners.

Advanced and secure online and in-person payments.

Tailored payment solutions for all business types.

Trusted worldwide for secure and user-friendly payments.

Coming soon

Comprehensive payment processing and business solutions.

Seamless checkout with the global reach of Google.

Let your customer Buy Now, and Pay Later.

Maximize Revenue Potential

Optimizing Your Earnings

Expand your profits without increasing your effort with these revenue-enhancing partnerships.

Dynamic pricing strategies tailored to demand across all channels.

Boost your revenue as your demands grow with dynamic pricing.


Weather guarantee solutions to safeguard your revenue.

Coming soon

Ticket insurance for your customers' peace of mind.

Increase conversions and boost revenue by offering a weather guarantee.

API Integrations

Tailored Solutions for Unique Business Needs

Every business has unique needs. That's why we offer flexible API integrations, designed to adapt to your specific requirements and streamline your operations.

Automate your workflow in RocketRez with Zapier.

Connect RocketRez and share data with your other applications using Zapier.

Don't see what you need? Explore the RocketRez API.

Extend the RocketRez platform to build your applications with live booking, availability, and customer data.

Join our growing network of integration partners!