ElevateYour Guest Experience with RocketRez Photo System

Allow your guests to capture and share memories with integrated photo capabilities.

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Seamlessly integrate high-quality photo souvenirs into your attraction experience.

Convenient Photo Sales

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Offer photos for sale together with tickets, whether online, on-site in person, or via a kiosk, enhancing the guest experience and maximizing revenue potential.

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Deliver photos to an online portal connected to ticket purchases and provide guests with easy access to their memories anytime, anywhere.

Photo Printing and Digital Sharing

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Printed photos allow your guests to commemorate their experience at your attraction.

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Digital photos are a great way for your guests to share their experience with their social networks.

Customizable Options

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Take high-quality digital photos of customers on-site, customizable by your team with multiple backgrounds, sizes, and upselling capabilities.

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Tailor the photo experience to fit your attraction's unique branding and guest preferences, creating memorable souvenirs that guests will cherish.

What do you get with our Photo System?

Online Photo Gallery

Immediately upload photos taken on-site to our Photo Capture app, which lets you display a gallery of options to choose from and customize.

Self-Serve Kiosk OS

Let customers view their photos, select custom backgrounds, and choose options and add-ons themselves with our kiosk photo system.

Digital or Printed Photos

Offer customers a classic picture to frame, or a high-res digital photo for social media.

Integrated with your favorite partners.

RocketRez comes out of the box with integrations into a set of best-in-class technology vendors to help you with payments, distribution, advertising, communication, pricing & more.

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