October 2020: New Features Continued!

Matt Lederman
February 28, 2023

1. Automation "Tags"

Build Email and SMS templates and include contact, trip tags!

When connecting with customers on vital information you can email or SMS out of RocketRez. Now, you can set up templates with tags that will pull information directly from their booking and our built-in CRM.

Imagine having to cancel a tour and refund a customer.  Once a refund template is set up, RocketRez will send an email and issues a refund. All done in seconds.

Once the template has been set up with the applicable tags, the communication will automatically send out of RocketRez to your customers, with all of the filled-in fields like Name, Trip date, Tour Name, Refund Amount, and many more.

2. Grouped Refunding or Store Credit When Refunding

Cancellations are a reality.  Now, refund or give store credit to entire tour departures, in 2 clicks.

It is inevitable that cancellations will occur.  In most cases, it is a sizeable amount of administrative work to cancel an event. You need to communicate the changes and decide whether or not to refund them.  

We heard our customers and made this a matter of a couple of clicks. We've even gone as far as building the option to give customers Store Credit instead of refunds if you choose to do so. Choose between:

  • Refund to Credit Card
  • Refund to Store Credit
  • Refund to Credit Card if possible or else store credit
  • Do Not Refund

With Store credit, your customers will have credit in your system to book another experience or even use toward retail items.

3. Waivers & Contracts - Digital Signatures

Easily generate custom digital contracts, forms, or waivers right out of RocketRez.

Automatically generate detailed contracts, pre-arrival waivers, and detailed forms from customized templates. Create and use as many contracts and sub-contracts as you need.

Now your customers can sign them digitally, motivating your customers to sign faster!

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Matt Lederman
Marketing Manager