A Mobile Guest Experience Driven by Visitor Data

RocketPass is a mobile platform for all your guest purchasing and real-time communications.

RocketPass is built for speed.

Attractions using RocketPass report faster admissions, faster transacting, and faster decision making from operators.

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Stop the bottlenecks and frustrated visitors. Increase gate admission speed and get them through the door.


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Attractions earning $10M+ in revenue can see a lift of 28% in their first year with RocketPass.

Data + Insights =
Business Intelligence

Make better decisions faster with real-time analytics from every touch point on the customer journey.

Know your customers

Data captured from every ticket scan, communication, and transaction by every guest helps you understand their behavior.

  • Find out which guests are spending more on tickets, retail, and food & beverage
  • Learn when and where your visitors are spending more time while on your premises
  • Understand what truly leads to a better guest experience and satisfaction

Know your operations

Understanding how guests interact with your attraction is paramount when making decisions to improve your experience.

  • Get a complete picture of the flow of your guests through your attraction
  • Discover bottlenecks in your operation, whether they’re at the ticket window, the gift shop, or any point in between
  • Assess processes that can be automated and re-allocate staff to areas that provide more value

Know your opportunities

An aggregate view of your customer behavior reveals trends that you can take advantage of to generate new revenue and provide a better experience.

  • Identify the exact right time and right guest to upsell a better ticket package or a retail item from the gift shop
  • Find gaps in the customer journey to keep your visitors engaged by providing an update on their experience or requesting a positive review
  • Uncover new revenue by putting retail or food and beverage in places where visitors spend more time.

What do you get with RocketPass?

A customer facing mobile experience that connects guests to operators, elevates the guest experience and provides data across the entire ecosystem.

Guest Experience Platform

An interactive web app for guests to access their itinerary, tickets, and real-time notifications.

Personalized QR Code

This is the passport to everything at the attraction – scanning in, purchasing retail or food & beverage, and communication.

Data and Insights

A complete end-to-end view of all of a visitor’s touch points, transactions, behavior, and preferences.

Increased Revenue

A faster, easier process for purchasing items on-site leads to more revenue per customer.

Mobile Experience

No more paper tickets and bar codes. Everything exists on your phone, with you at all times.

Greater Satisfaction

Faster admissions, smoother purchasing, relevant real-time updates provide a better experience and more positive reviews.

Digital Wallet

RocketPass is your digital wallet. Scanning your QR code allows you to purchase tickets, retail, and F&B items with your card on file.

Better Operations

More data and real insights lead to better decisions for your operations and a better experience for your customers.

Real-time Communication

RocketPass includes real-time two way communication between you and your guests before, during, and after their visit.

The Attractions Flywheel

A great guest experience powered by data and insights can propel your operation to continually grow and improve.

  • RocketPass: A mobile platform for your guests that connects them with your attraction and enhances their experience.
  • Customer Engagement: A great experience leads to great reviews. All you have to do is ask. Sending a request for a review after your guest has left is the easiest way to grow your brand.
  • Direct Bookings: As your customers tell their stories and share their experiences of your attraction, awareness grows and you see an increase in website traffic and advance bookings.
  • Clarity: More visitors to your site and more guests at your attraction provides more data and insights that you can use to further improve and personalize the guest experience.

Integrated with your favorite partners

RocketRez comes out of the box with integrations into a set of best-in-class technology vendors to help you with payments, distribution, advertising, communication, pricing & more.

Ready to see how RocketRez can transform your operation? Talk to an industry expert.