All About the New UI: The Platform That Balances Ease of Use and Functionality

April 16, 2024

With a refresh of its user interface (UI), available today, RocketRez is setting the bar even higher for what it means to be a true platform for its user base.

We strive to be the most user-friendly solution on the market, serving many corners of the Tours & Attractions industry with comprehensive features and functions. Sure, RocketRez is a large platform, but it’s still simple.  

For 11 years, we have continuously added platform features to better meet the needs of the industries we service, enabling unforgettable experiences throughout.  

The new UI not only maintains the simple, intuitive feel that RocketRez is known for, but also expands its feature set, allowing customers to have access to more capabilities without sacrificing ease of use.

Clarity Dashboard in the Redesigned UI from RocketRez

Because of us, no longer are operators backed into a corner and forced to choose between a user-friendly interface or a robust platform with the features that serve you best. With our new UI, they will be able to experience the best of both worlds in a way none of our competitors can provide.

But how did we get here?  

This was not a random decision. Like much of the functionality of our platform, it was informed by data.  

RocketRez took a methodology-driven approach, mapping out the archetypal user journey, building personas of what sort of user is on both ends of the platform, and carefully considering each step of the process to ensure the end result was a seamless and intuitive experience for our customer base.

We took the time to understand what its customers needed, and our UX, Development and Customer Service teams worked collaboratively to design a UI that met those needs while also expanding the platform's capabilities.  

And then we took it to the masses, showing it to existing clients and using it in trade show demos.

Showcasing RocketRez New UI at Tradeshows
Showcasing RocketRez's new UI at the IAAPA trade show

We heard so often in surveys last year that our industry peers were having to make compromises between a user-friendly interface with limited functionality, or a feature-rich but confusing legacy platform. With the new UI that is available today, it’s about time we gave them both.

What you can expect from the new UI

The new UI will bring a cleaner, more modern look and feel to RocketRez, with improved navigation, and updated icons and colors.

Feedback on our past UI (from 2016) has been addressed, including better visibility of where users are in the system with breadcrumb trails and an updated navigation menu that provides more information about nested categories. Additionally, table layouts for pages with large amounts of information will be easier to read.

And this is just the beginning.

You will see regular changes throughout this year across the RocketRez platform to reduce clicks and get more done for your business in less time — immeasurable value for you, your employees, your guests, and the experiences that will keep them coming back.

To make this happen, customer screens will default to the new UI. The ball is in your court from there.

The old UI will still be available to help our clients transition to the new UI at their own pace.

We know change in your business can be delicate, but we are confident that you are going to notice and appreciate the difference right away. And we will be keeping track every step of the way, because we value the feedback from these big and exciting improvements.  

What’s next?  

RocketRez is committed to showing the world why we are the sole enterprise res-tech platform for the middle market with continued refreshing of our reporting and web sales UI. Stay tuned to our Signal newsletter for updates on new releases.

Enough of us talking about the new UI — want to see for yourself?

RocketRez invites you to schedule a demo to experience the platform’s new capabilities first-hand. With a rejuvenated approach to ease of use and functionality, the new RocketRez UI is sure to revolutionize the way you conduct business.

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