An Update on the New RocketRez User Interface

Written by Matt Lederman
Last updated on Mar 03, 2023

The original RocketRez was built to perform a few key functions as efficiently as possible.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
— Leonardo da Vinci

Over the years, we began to add features to satisfy many different business functions our customers would perform. As we moved to larger, multi-location Tours and Attractions, we were introduced to team members from departments across the entire organization. Each team member may interact with RocketRez very differently, but must be able to collaborate effectively with their whole organization.

Observing all the changes over recent years and paying close attention to how our customers interact with RocketRez, we saw a tremendous opportunity to re-structure RocketOS to execute tasks as it always has, with a deeper focus on ease-of-use for our customers.

Our U/X team has been hard at work in cooperation with development and customer service to bring you a brand new User Interface. We believe it will make RocketRez better for all users and greatly reduce onboarding time required for new employees to get up to speed on the system.

In order to ensure we are designing this as thoughtfully as possible we have completed the following three projects.

1. User Surveys

What do you currently love about the software? What do you wish you could do that you can't?

A collection of survey responses on each feature of RocketRez. 

It's imperative to collect responses to questions like these directly from the people that use our software the most.

Our U/X team is well versed in this process and has been gaining insights into what features and functions we should focus our efforts around.

2. User Journey

Mapping the precise User Journey is extremely important in determining the path of dependencies between what each user needs to achieve within RocketRez.

Users can get frustrated when they enter a screen that is not relevant to the task at hand, or the software is laid out in a design that does not anticipate the correct next function.

Understanding the differences between each possible user of RocketRez is key.

In addition, our software must account for different channels, such as on the phone, online and in-person sales and services. Each of these employees will experience RocketRez differently and we aim to delight them all.

3. Personas

Finally, what separates good software from great software is the deeper understanding of the person who is using it.

  • What does their day look like?
  • Who do they report to and who reports to them?
  • Do they need details or summaries?
  • Do they geek out on software features or get what they need and move on?
When you know exactly who you're building for, you can be certain they will love the product.

Gathering this information and employing our best design thinking from each department of RocketRez has lead to a collaborative action plan for our new User Interface.

Continue to check in on the RocketRez blog and newsletters as we provide updates on release!

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Matt Lederman

Matt Lederman is the Marketing Manager at RocketRez.