What is the RocketRez Digital Maturity Matrix for Attractions?

Written by Matt Lederman
Last updated on Mar 26, 2024

The world of tours and attractions is rapidly evolving, and it's no longer just about selling tickets. It's about creating unforgettable experiences for each guest and managing operations with agility and precision.

Most of your customers are digital natives who demand a great digital experience. Born in the era of technology, these individuals are at ease with computers, smartphones, and the internet as integral parts of their daily lives. Seamless online experiences and digital payments influence their spending habits. This shift has rewritten the rules of engagement in the attractions industry.

Are you keeping up with them?

As the preferred guest experience platform worldwide, we've always rooted ourselves in a holistic process for partnering with our clients. We understand your organization's goals and work together to build a better future.

Since the RocketRez platform supports all areas of our client's business, our most successful clients understand the big picture. You need to know where you are, where you want to go, and what gaps in capabilities you need to address.

To help you define a roadmap for your organization, we've created the RocketRez Digital Maturity Matrix. Like a GPS for the organization, it can assess where you are across seven distinct attributes of digital maturity and paint a clear picture of the timing of your priorities.

The Digital Maturity Map Matrix for Attractions by RocketRez

The Journey through the Maturity Matrix

The key to the maturity matrix process is an honest and open conversation with your team to assess your company's status. To accurately diagnose this, our team will take you through the five stages of maturity as they pertain to our seven key business capabilities.

It's common to see different levels of maturity across the capabilities of the same business. For instance, many attractions execute Integrated Level 4 Ticketing but support this with Ad-Hoc Level 2 Communication. Operators are often relieved to learn the root cause of their operational problems, and it's surprisingly easy to improve the maturity of specific business areas with a bit of focus.

Let's define the five levels of maturity and the progression between them.

Level One: Analog

At this stage, your business relies heavily on manual processes - paper records, in-person bookings, and cash transactions. This creates an inefficient operation with zero shared data or standardized workflows. Any software you evaluate is your first step into the digital world, allowing you to manage bookings and transactions easily.

Progression to Next Stage: To move to the Ad-Hoc stage, integrate essential digital tools and use software to manage your daily operations more efficiently. It's about transitioning from paper to pixels.

Level Two: Ad-Hoc

You have some digital processes that need to be more consistent and integrated. The software at this stage is sporadic and often reactive, used as a quick fix to solve immediate issues rather than as a holistic, long-term solution that addresses root causes. We often see that customers will mix and match limited ticketing software with other point solutions to manage retail, memberships, or different facets of their operation. Unfortunately, these systems don't talk to each other, creating all kinds of inefficiencies.

Progression to Next Stage: To progress to the Siloed phase, you need to systematically adopt and consistently use software tailored to your business segment (like museums, boat tours, zoos, and aquariums) for consistency in the workflows across different departments.

Level Three: Siloed

Different departments in your business use a single software system at this stage, but not in a coordinated manner. Each department operates like an isolated island with its systems and processes. We commonly see customers using legacy all-in-one ticketing and operations software providers built on the on-premises software era. As a result, the software needs to connect better, look and feel modern, and produce on-demand data in the way you need.

Progression to Next Stage: To move to the Integrated phase, break down these silos. Support communication between departments with a modern and connected software platform.

Level Four: Integrated

Moving businesses to the integrated stage is our team's specialty. Here, your business is a well-oiled machine with a modern, all-in-one cloud-based platform at its core. All departments use digital tools connected through a seamless, integrated system. A system like RocketRez now plays a critical role in your organization, connecting different departments, streamlining operations, and delivering a guest experience that exceeds expectations.

Progression to Next Stage: To reach your next stage, which is called Future-Ready, continue refining your operations based on data and customer feedback. Leverage RocketRez's advanced features to stay ahead of industry trends and innovate proactively.

Level Five: Future-Ready

At Level Five, we envision a future where your business is not just digitally fluent; it's a trendsetter. RocketRez is no longer just a tool; it gives you new leverage. You are using new insights to make your guest experience highly personalized and drive additional revenue for the company.

RocketRez constantly listens to our customers to develop new tools to realize this vision. We encourage you to stay in the loop through our Signal Newsletter.

The Common Pitfalls

At every stage of maturity, there are challenges. Initial stages often involve time-consuming manual processes, lack of personalization, and siloed operations. As businesses progress, challenges shift to optimizing processes, managing increasing data volumes, and ensuring seamless integrations.

However, the most significant challenge is often inertia – the reluctance to change or evolve. History has shown that companies that fail to adapt are left behind. A typical example of this is Blockbuster.

Our team is looking for like-minded operators who want to define their future and are open to collaboration. With the Matrix as a guide, we ensure success by focusing on tracking your progress together.

An Analysis of an Attraction using The Digital Maturity Map Matrix for Attractions by RocketRez
Example: Maturity diagnosis and enhancement plan.

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