Feature Spotlight: Roundup

Written by Matt Lederman
Last updated on Mar 17, 2023

As the season of giving approaches, RocketRez is excited to introduce a new feature that will make it easier for businesses in the zoos, aquariums, museums, and tours industries to give back to their communities.

The dollar-roundup feature is a simple and unobtrusive way for customers to contribute spare change towards a charity of their choice. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of this feature and how it can help businesses increase their charitable contributions while also making it easier for customers to donate.

  • Module: Pricing and Promotions
  • Verticals: Zoos, Aquariums, Museums, Tours
  • Benefits: Simple, unobtrusive fundraising for charity
  • KPIs: Total Dollars Raised

Many of our customers, particularly across the zoo, aquarium, museum and fine arts segments, are either directly funded by public donations, or are closely linked to a charitable cause. Be it research, conservation or education, RocketRez wholeheartedly supports the philanthropic projects of our customers.

Just in time for the season of giving, RocketRez has officially released our dollar-roundup feature!

What it is

Every time a customer makes a purchase, they will be given the option to round up their purchase to the nearest dollar or input a custom dollar amount to contribute. The cumulative “spare change” that is collected this way can be applied to a charity, or multiple charities, of your choice.

The simple and affordable nature of roundup programs has caused an explosion in popularity over the past several years. Consider the following statistics:

"A study by Engage for Good found that in 2016, 73 “charity checkout campaigns” raised more than $441 million, up by 4.5% since 2014. E-Bay topped the list, raising more than $56 million for consumers’ favorite charities, followed by Walmart, with $37 million going to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and Petco, with more than $28 million for animal welfare organizations."

Offering a roundup option at your business contributes to the broader trend of making it a common way for the average consumer to build donating to charity into their daily lives.

How it’s used

The RocketRez roundup feature has the following capabilities:

  • Can be used in your Point-of-Sale or your online sales checkout.
  • Roundup is set as a retail item, which allows you to set up several different GL codes that can be associated with different charities.
  • Can turn on/off different Point-of-Sale terminals, or have different charities represented at each terminal.
  • Can include custom imagery and descriptions in your Point-of-Sale checkout to give extra exposure to your cause.
  • Can be a true nearest dollar roundup or allow for customer to enter a custom donation amount.

Business Outcomes

Imagine a tour or attraction sells 50,000 tickets and 50,000 items at the gift shop over the course of a typical year. Assuming one in four people agrees to round up at an average of 50 cents per transaction, you can expect to donate $12,500 to your chosen charity per year.

Small amounts can compound powerfully over the course of many transactions, over many years, to a sizable contribution to the charity of your choice.

To learn more about our roundup feature, contact our sales team!

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Matt Lederman

Matt Lederman is the Marketing Manager at RocketRez.