3 Ways to Future Proof Your Non-Profit Now

Becca Butler
March 23, 2023

Now more than ever before, non-profit organizations rely on software providers to help manage their operations. While many staff members are highly engaged in organizational mission and purpose, often non-profits are challenged with limited resources and infrastructure. As a result, they are resigned to using out-of-date, inefficient solutions.

These 3 tips will help guide any mission-focused business bravely face the future – and drive additional earned and contributed revenue while doing it.

Not-for-profit visitor attractions are far behind for-profit attractions in digital distribution (see next page). Just 36% of bookings at non-profit attractions come via online channels (website and OTAs), vs. 60% at for-profit attractions.
– Arival
Tech, Distribution & the Outlook for Visitor Attractions, June 2022

1. Strategically plan for your future technology.

“Future proof” your plan.

Preparing your non-profit for the future requires an investment in the time and process required to evaluate where you are now, what challenges you want to solve, and where you’d like to go. Many non-profit organizations rely on external relationships with subject matter experts to implement, execute and sustain the solutions required to achieve their strategic goals now and in the future.

Embrace partnerships.

Solution providers too often focus on solutions alone. When it comes to technology, the road to success is paved by consistent innovation and change. Yesterday’s technology is out of date today. When you seek a solution, consider your partner’s business plans to ensure that your values are aligned. Consider business plans and strategy for the future, or at least for the length of time you are considering a partnership.

2. Partner with expert providers that understand your operations.

  1. There is no substitute for industry experience, particularly since non-profits operate quite differently than for-profit corporations. Best practices are developed as you optimize your operational efficiency. Having a partner assist with navigating this ever-changing landscape is a crucial part of a winning strategy. Make sure your solution provider has sufficient expertise in your space, and that they speak your language.
  2. It is no secret that an excellent guest experience increases the long-term value of an individual to your organization. With the right resources at your fingertips, you’ll save time and gain valuable insights to develop the best practices for your organization. Dynamic providers meet your current business challenges and provide valuable insights, like reporting and analytics, to prepare for your business needs of the future.

3. Select innovative solutions to power your future organization.

1. Connect Your Solutions to Your Strategy

Too often solutions have a singular purpose. Smart organizations know the value of aligned solutions. If you are using a one-point solution for ticketing and it’s not aligned with your membership solution, does this really align with your goals? Dynamic solution strategy breaks down traditional silos enforced by disconnected point solutions.

2. Channel Management and Engagement

Your customer’s journey doesn’t always follow a straight line, nor should your engagement plans. Cultivating a long-term pipeline of supporters requires strategic management of systems and engagement solutions that provide versatility for your messaging and segmentation. Best-in-class partners empower your engagement strategies to increase awareness, attract new visitors, welcome repeat visitors, and identify and retain your best supporters.

3. Optimize Revenue Management

At a recent conference session focused on the strategic use of solutions for generating revenue, a non-profit zoo leader shared quite simply, “for us, more money equals more mission.” Most non-profits rely on both earned and contributed revenue yet fall behind on best practices and industry trends when resources are limited. From promotions and discounts, upsells, packages, bundles, and membership rewards to dynamic pricing, connected solutions provide flexibility for optimizing a dynamic revenue strategy to ensure your organization’s long-term financial sustainability.


Non-profits need support. Patrons power their mission, and partners empower their business operations. Too often, key stakeholders resign from being involved in new partnership development efforts with a disconnected view of their role.

An employee working in membership may question their involvement in selecting a partner for ticketing software, yet their solution engages with every single person visiting the zoo that year — including zoo members — and significantly impacts the guest experience the zoo delivers. You need not understand every part of a solution to appreciate the value of what it can do for you.

Partnering with RocketRez

Not sure where to start? We can help! RocketRez is a proud partner to a growing base of not-for-profit organizations of the future across the globe, providing best-of-market technological solutions to optimize operations, elevate engagement, generate revenue, and increase the lifetime value of their visitors and supporters. We are revolutionizing technology that will transform the way you power your non-profit.

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Becca Butler