Introducing GetYourGuide Integration: Automate and Streamline Your Bookings in RocketRez

Geraldine Lee
May 18, 2023

RocketRez is excited to announce our new integration with GetYourGuide, one of the world’s leading OTAs for tours and activities.

Now it’s easier than ever to reach more customers while providing a seamless customer experience to your guests! With this integration, RocketRez customers can:

  • Automatically update your availability, pricing, reservations, and bookings from RocketRez
  • Seamlessly check in visitors with scannable vouchers that are just like your own branded hard copy tickets
  • Track your bookings and scans within your data reporting alongside your other sales channels, including your website, POS, and OTAs
  • Effortlessly reconcile transactions and track partner sales with a granular view
  • Reach GetYourGuide's global audience of 50 million visitors per month from 190+ countries

RocketRez customers can now take advantage of this new integration to boost their business and get access to an international audience.

Boost your business and get access to an international audience

With a direct API connection to GetYourGuide, you will be able to leverage a variety of features that will make managing tours and activities easier than ever before, such as automated availability updates, scannable vouchers, seamless tracking of bookings and transactions, and so much more.

Automatically Update GetYourGuide from RocketRez

Once your integration is set up and running, GetYourGuide automatically updates your tour availability and reflects any bookings in real time.

This streamlined process takes the hassle out of manually updating inventory and ensures that your guests have accurate information about your available tickets for tours and activities.

Track Your Bookings and Scans with Ease

With our built-in channel management connectivity, RocketRez helps you to efficiently automate third-party bookings with GetYourGuide, among other leading attraction resellers like Rezdy and Redeam.

Bookings made through GetYourGuide will automatically be entered into your system, allowing you to track bookings and scans easily alongside your other sales channels.

This provides you with a comprehensive view of your sales performance, making it easier for you to make informed decisions about your business.

Additionally, you can effortlessly reconcile transactions and track partner sales with a granular view, giving you a better understanding of your revenue streams.

Seamlessly Check-in Visitors with Scannable Vouchers

Seamlessly check-in visitors with scannable vouchers

When it comes time for redemption, your visitors can easily present their vouchers with gate-ready RocketRez barcodes to be scanned that work just like your internal hard-copy tickets.

Our system will verify their voucher and check in your guests quickly and easily, both saving you time and making the check-in process a breeze for your guests.

This means your staff can say goodbye to time-consuming, manual ticket entry and focus on more critical activities.

Track Partner Sales and Reconcile Transactions Effortlessly

Understanding which sales channels are performing the best is key to measuring the success of your business.

Within RocketRez, our reporting provides a bird’s eye view that helps you stay on top of your partner sales, so you can quickly understand where the majority of your sales are coming from.

Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions on how to allocate your resources and optimize the success of your revenue streams.

Our platform also allows you to easily reconcile transactions with your partners and ensure that you have an accurate accounting of sales, giving you peace of mind knowing your financials are in tip-top shape.

How to Get Started with GetYourGuide

Getting started with GetYourGuide is straightforward.

If you’re already a customer with RocketRez, all you need to do is sign up for an account on their website and reach out to your Account Manager to ensure you have access to connect the accounts.

Once you're set-up, you'll be able to take advantage of this powerful integration to seamlessly update your availability, pricing, and bookings, making it easier than ever to increase your revenue.

With scannable vouchers and detailed reporting, you'll have a better understanding of your revenue streams and be able to make informed decisions about how to optimize your sales channels. So why wait?

Start growing your business with the power of RocketRez and GetYourGuide today.

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