Introducing Payments with RocketLink

Geraldine Lee
March 17, 2023

Today we’re very excited to talk about our newest feature in the RocketRez platform – Payments with RocketLink. We’re going to let you know what payment links are and why you should enable Payments with RocketLink immediately.

What are payment links?

A payment link is a way to securely collect payment from your customers by sending them a unique URL through text message or email.

In other words, it’s a way for your customers to make a credit card payment easily and securely.

This is useful if you have guests who are uncomfortable with providing their credit card information over the phone to an agent, or if you are collecting payment on a deposit for a private event.

Benefits of Using Payment Links

In today’s world, consumers expect a fast and easy checkout process, which means it’s important for tour & attraction operators to ensure their customers can use the right method of payment at the right time.

When your ticketing agent sends a payment link while on the phone with a live customer, it creates a fast and easy checkout process because they don’t have to go back and forth to confirm that they have the right credit card numbers, or call back if an error was made.

Using payment links also allow your customers to feel safe and in control of their checkout experience, creating a seamless guest experience from purchase to arrival at your attraction.

With our payment links, you can also customize and standardize your brand experience across all channels, even when it comes to payments.

How does Payments with RocketLink work?

If you are on the phone with a guest, you can send a one-time-use URL that is sent to your customer’s phone via SMS or email.

Our payment links are powered by RocketLink in RocketOffice, which allows you to request any dollar amount in this transaction.

This opens up opportunities for other uses beyond collecting payment for phone transactions. If your attraction or tour allows for guests to book the venue for a private event or party, you can also now collect deposits this way.

The text message and email notification your customer receives will be almost instant. When it shows up on their mobile device, they can click on the link to be taken to a simple and secure page to enter their credit card details.

You can customize how long the one-time unique links are available for, as well as the message that is sent. When payment has been made, the links will stop working.

All of this is tied into your customer’s tickets in RocketOffice, allowing you to keep track and ensure your customer is ready for their experience with you.

If you’d like to learn more about Payments with RocketLink, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more about how to enable it in the RocketRez admin.

Download our guide to getting started with Payments with RocketLink to learn more.

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