RocketRez Acquires AI-Powered Communication Platform TourOpp GO! Expanding its Guest Experience Platform Capabilities

April 16, 2024

Tour and attraction operators around the world are embracing a simple realization—if you don’t have a way to communicate with customers while they are on-site at your attraction, you are missing a significant opportunity to personalize their guest experience.

Today, we are very proud to announce that RocketRez and TourOpp GO!, an industry leader in customer communications software, are joining forces to provide powerful technology that enables unforgettable experiences.

This acquisition supports our mission to redefine what it means to be an all-in-one platform for mid-market tours and attractions, TourOpp GO! functionality will become a key part of the RocketRez platform, adding critical communication capabilities to guest management and guest experience modules.

At the heart of a guest experience is communication. And while RocketRez already has sophisticated SMS and email tools built into the platform, we can now begin to focus on new things we can do for our customers when these two powerhouse platforms are orchestrated together to maximize their capabilities.

It's truly a 1+1=3 scenario. Both TourOpp and RocketRez have industry-leading technology and vast experience within their teams. While the current out-of-the-box RocketRez/TourOpp integration allows the products to work together, acquiring the company and bringing its AI-powered chatbot technology directly within the RocketRez platform removes all barriers and limitations to create new value for customers.

For tour and attraction operators on the platforms, this means increased lines of communication with their visitors. It means that as the technologies become further intertwined, the data captured from communication and the actions taken from those messages can be reported together with all the other touch points that make up the customer journey. It means that operators have a clearer view of their guest preferences; that they know directly what messages work to elicit a response; that they know not just that a message was received and viewed, but that the message was tied directly to a purchase made.

Beyond getting more reviews and recovering abandoned carts – capabilities that have been wildly successful and valuable for users on both platforms – operators will soon be able to send messages based on what a visitor is currently doing, and AI will improve the messages sent to optimize for things like the timing on when to send a message, what offer is most likely to result in action, and what activity the guests are most likely to participate in.

Both RocketRez and TourOpp have a vision that aligns with enabling tour operators to give their visitors the best possible experience powered by innovative new technology. And we know there is a great fit between these two technologies to further achieve that goal. That is why this acquisition made sense for both companies.

Over the next weeks and months, as we navigate through the transition, the product roadmap becomes more defined, and our teams become integrated, all our individual and mutual clients will continue to be updated with the unique value that is now available to them.

While some things are rapidly changing, many things are staying the same. For TourOpp customers there is absolutely no change or interruption to their product or customer service. For RocketRez customers, they will be happy to know that the communication features in the platform are about to get a big boost.

Inside the walls of our companies, there is nothing but excitement about the possibilities. When RocketRez launched RocketPASS late last year, we knew that the communication module was what would make our guest experience portal shine. We’re excited to be bringing in a phenomenal team passionate about its innovation and eager to put it in the hands of many more users.

If you're an operator eager to tap into the best of both RocketRez and TourOpp, book a demo here to learn how you can take your guest experiences to the next level.

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