RocketRez Tools to Manage Your Fleet of Passenger & Cargo Vehicles

Published on
October 14, 2021

Built for operators who run a fleet of passenger or cargo vehicles:

  • Boat tours
  • Passenger/ Cargo Carrying Ferries
  • Car and Bus tours
  • Helicopter tours

RocketRez serves many different types of businesses in the tour space with all-in-one ticketing and revenue management software. Building an effective all-in-one system requires truly understanding our customers’ sales process and event day operations, because customer-facing and employee-facing tools work best when they work together.

Among the largest verticals that we serve are operators who run a fleet of passenger vessels including cars, boats, ferries and helicopters. These businesses have many unique requirements beyond selling tickets and scheduling staff. Last year we set out to learn about some of the challenges they face every day while providing incredible experiences for their guests. We identified some unique business processes that traditional ticketing software companies couldn’t accommodate, and we worked with these operators to design and build features that are truly changing the way they operate.

RocketRez is excited to announce the beta release of new features for fleet management. The following set of features was built specifically to improve the customer checkout and operations management for tour operators who run a fleet of passenger vessels.

Included are the following three specialized features:

Fleet Board

A calendar-style visual to see your entire fleet's schedules and capacities over a day, week, or month.

Benefit: A quick view of all tours allows management to see attendance by individual vessel to plan and staff accordingly.

Applications: All Fleet Operators!

Weight-Based Capacity

For a fleet scheduled for a single departure, this feature uses smart rules to distribute the passengers among the vehicles based on weight parameters.

Customer Facing Screen
Employee Facing Screen

Benefit: Instant and automated compliance with weight-based safety rules and reduced vacant spots.

Applications: Helicopter Tours.


Customers can book cargo with their personal ticket including luggage and vehicles with smart functionality for length and width capacity.

Benefit: A seamless checkout flow for customers booking cargo, and a reduced burden on the operations team to gather and verify information.

Applications: Ferries, Boats

RocketRez is committed to working with customers to solve their unique business challenges going forward.

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Matt Lederman

Matt Lederman is the Marketing Manager at RocketRez.

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