Introducing Sensible Weather: Weather Guarantees in the Tours and Attractions Space

Matt Lederman
May 30, 2024

The Role of Weather in the Tours and Attractions Industry

Weather significantly impacts the tours and attractions industry, affecting visitor experiences and operator revenue. Unpredictable weather can lead to sales drop-offs, cancellations, reduced attendance, and dissatisfied guests. However, there's a solution to mitigate these issues: weather guarantees.

Introducing Sensible Weather: A Revolutionary Solution

Sensible Weather is the premier weather protection platform for the travel and hospitality industry. Their Weather Guarantee is an optional purchase that reimburses up to 100% of a guest's daily rate if rain is forecast during their booking. This innovative solution not only provides peace of mind to visitors but also offers substantial benefits to operators.

How Sensible Weather Works

The process is simple and seamless. Guests can opt for a Weather Guarantee during online booking. If rain is forecast, they receive a text or email notification each morning of their booking, informing them of their reimbursement. No claims are necessary, and all communications direct customers to Sensible Weather for any questions.

The Weather Guarantee covers forecast rain hours per day, potentially resulting in multiple reimbursements throughout the visit. Reimbursements vary based on the reservation and are communicated upon purchase. Typically, they cover the average daily or nightly cost of the qualifying reservation. Guests receive automatic notifications via SMS, prompting them to provide bank account details for reimbursement via ACH or PayPal. Guests may still attend their event if they so choose. All reimbursements are covered by Sensible Weather, at no cost to the operator.

Benefits for Operators

  1. Increased Ancillary Revenue: On average, operators see a 9% increase in revenue due to the added Weather Guarantee option.
  2. Enhanced Guest Satisfaction: 55% of guests report higher satisfaction levels when they have a Weather Guarantee.
  3. Boosted Direct Bookings: Operators experience a 5-19% increase in booking conversions when offering a Weather Guarantee.
  4. Additional Revenue Stream: Through revenue-sharing agreements with Sensible, operators stand to gain additional revenue from each sale of weather protection.

Real-World Success

The impact of Sensible Weather's guarantees is evident from customer feedback. Many guests express relief and gratitude for the financial protection against weather disruptions, making them more likely to book again in the future. For operators, this means not only increased revenue but also a stronger reputation for customer care.

  • I felt like I could actually enjoy my experience without having to worry about losing money due to rain/storms!"
  • "Weather Guarantee was everything it claimed to be. I will always purchase it in the future."
  • I was very comfortable with spending the price that we did knowing that should our day be cut short due to weather, we would be able to recoup some of the funds - especially since the weather report did call for possible rain that day."

Understanding the Difference: Weather Guarantee vs. Insurance

Weather Guarantees are warranties, not insurance products. Traditional travel/ticket insurance policies cover catastrophic events that cause cancellation. In contrast, Weather Guarantees protect customers from experiential loss due to weather once their trip or event is underway. This ensures guests can still attend and enjoy their experience, receiving reimbursement for times when the weather is not ideal.


Integrating Sensible Weather's guarantees into your booking process can transform potential weather woes into an opportunity for enhanced guest satisfaction and increased revenue. Embrace this innovation to ensure your guests have a worry-free experience, rain or shine.


  • Who pays for the reimbursement? All reimbursements are fully covered by Sensible Weather, ensuring no liability for operators.
  • Do I need to change my cancellation policy? No changes are necessary; the Weather Guarantee provides in-destination protection without altering existing policies.
  • How long does it take to get paid? Once the guest confirms their payout method, Sensible Weather initiates payment immediately, with funds usually arriving within 3-5 business days.

Is Weather Guarantee Right for Your Outdoor Tour or Attraction?

To help you understand if Sensible Weather’s Weather Guarantee is a beneficial addition to your offerings, we’ve created a quick quiz. By answering a few simple questions, you’ll discover if integrating weather guarantees into your attraction makes sense for you, or click here to schedule time to speak to an expert!

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