Top Five Wordpress Plugins for your Tour and Attraction Website

Written by Matt Lederman
Last updated on Mar 01, 2023

Roughly 40% of the web runs on Wordpress, and for good reason. Wordpress is expertly configured to give its users high functionality with very little maintenance. It is by far the most used tool when operators are constructing their Tour and Attraction website.

On the front end, converting site visitors to paying customers is an exercise in scaling the excitement of your businesses’ “real life” experience into something that can be conveyed digitally. This includes many pictures, videos and reviews from other customers to build visceral excitement. 

On the back end, modern technology continues to empower entrepreneurs to take advantage of “out of the box” options that are fully equipped with complex code, which is programmed to run with minimum input.  

We’ve compiled a list of the Top Five Wordpress Plugins specifically for your Tour and Attraction website that can be implemented immediately and help your site attract and convert paying customers.  

Review Widget 

Customers undoubtedly love social proof when making a purchase decision, which is why  many business websites display customer reviews right on their homepage. There are several low code options to do this that are approved and endorsed by Wordpress, that range in complexity and payment.  

The Widget for Google Reviews is free and easy to install. This widget simply aggregates a rolling display of the reviews your customers have left on Google and displays them on your website. This requires no maintenance, but does not give you control to choose which reviews you would like to display.  

If control of the display is important to you, you can look to the WP Customer Reviews widget. This is also free, but requires you to set up a designated page on your website for review submissions. The benefit is that you do not rely on third party review sites like Google or Facebook and can moderate the reviews that are displayed.  

Finally, a more luxurious option is the WP Business Review widget which allows for the best of both worlds. With a bit more configuration, this tech can scrape data and aggregate reviews from across all of your typical displays on Google and Social Media. It has a host of custom features like custom visuals, tags and filters. This is a paid plan starting at $69/ year.  


Much has been written about the benefits of adding a chat bot to your website. They are highly effective in engaging users in the midst of a purchasing decision, and an effective way to scale the expertise of your customer service and sales team with inbound requests.  

As a lightweight Wordpress plugin, Chatfuel is a reputable chat bot engine that you can implement with no code. Moreover, the free version contains many features that will support a wide range of functionality from simple lead generation to automated workflows. Their handy Templates section is a great resource to understand how to configure the bot depending on the nature of your site visitors.  

Social Media Icons 

While the majority of your site visitors will not become customers right away, you can capture their ongoing attention if they are willing to follow your business social media accounts. It is very common, especially in experiential businesses like Tours and Attractions, for site visitors to check out a business Instagram or Facebook page for a better look. The Wordpress Social Media Icons Widget is a must for your Tours and Attractions website as it is free and very simple to set up. The social icons widget is so popular that Wordpress offers it directly on the platform and has to put together this handy guide for installation and best practices.  

Yoast SEO 

Releasing a high volume of quality online content is the first, and most important part of ranking high on a search engine. The second part is optimizing this content in a way that search engines like, which can be daunting in its technicality. The Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most popular plugins on Wordpress for exactly this reason.  

Offered in both a free and paid version with increasing functionality, Yoast will analyze your content and provide tips to ensure it is readable for users, searchable by designated keywords and indexed to Google standard. There are many complicated nuances to Search Engine Optimization, but a beginner can make big leaps in this capability by simply following the Yoast Plugins recommendations.  

Wordpress Editorial Calendar 

Putting together quality content contains multiple steps before final posting and release. Knowing this, it can help to organize your posting schedule with a calendar to ensure you’re hitting your targets for consistency. Wordpress has an editorial calendar plugin that has intuitive functions to manage your drafts, collaborate with multiple editors and automate sharing across multiple platforms.  


  • Examine your online funnel to identify room for improvement. Is your site not being discovered by enough people? Is it not converting enough of its current visitors?
  • Decide if you could profitably implement one of the above solutions to address the identified weakness. Some of the options are free, but may have an associated labour and opportunity cost.  
  • Identify one simple metric that would indicate to you whether your new method is working.  

Implementing some simple Wordpress plugins can dramatically increase the functionality of your Tour and Attraction website.

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Matt Lederman

Matt Lederman is the Marketing Manager at RocketRez.