Transforming Reunion Tower’s Guest Experience with Integrated Ticketing and Operations Software 

Matt Lederman
June 10, 2024

Client Overview  

Reunion Tower, an iconic observation deck in downtown Dallas, TX, stands at 561 feet and offers panoramic views, dining, and cocktail services. Known locally as "The Ball," it was inaugurated in February 1978 alongside the Hyatt Regency Dallas hotel. As a distinguished city landmark, Reunion Tower sought to modernize its ticketing and operational systems to enhance guest experiences. 

Project Description 

Previously relying on the limited capabilities of Accesso, Reunion Tower required a comprehensive, cost-effective solution that integrated modern reservation and ticketing systems with a robust photo management module. This integration was essential to meet evolving customer expectations and operational efficiency. 

Scope & Challenges  

The transition from the legacy system posed significant challenges, including the integration of existing tickets and gift certificates into the new RocketRez platform. This ensured that all previously issued items remained valid and usable under the new system. 

A critical requirement was the development of a custom-built Photo management system. This system needed capabilities for photo capture, chromakey (green or blue screen) removal, and on-site printing, linked directly to guest entrance tickets and the RocketRez payment and accounting systems. 

Additionally, RocketRez was tasked with developing custom reporting tools for operational and financial management specific to the observation deck's needs. The implementation also involved comprehensive training for staff across multiple departments and the complete configuration of products for accurate financial reporting and sales management. 

The importance of having third-party ticket integrations and price banding was highlighted as essential tools to operate the tower efficiently, ensuring a seamless and flexible ticketing experience for guests while maximizing revenue management.

Implementation and Results 

The RocketRez team successfully delivered a tailored Photo module by January 2020. With this new system, Reunion Tower now boasts a state-of-the-art mobile ticketing platform that includes an integrated Point of Sale (POS) and an enterprise-grade photo solution. This all-in-one platform has not only streamlined operations but also significantly enhanced the overall guest experience at the tower. 

“The system is very user friendly in terms of not needing a lot of training or camera expertise.”

Shawn Miller

Director of Operations

Reunion Tower’s partnership with RocketRez exemplifies how targeted technological enhancements can revolutionize customer interaction and operational efficiency in tourist attractions, setting a new standard for the industry. 

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Matt Lederman
Marketing Manager