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Bundle products, promote flash sales, cross-sell retail with tickets, and dynamically price your tours to make the most on every ticket.

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Sell strategically. Price your tickets based on what your visitors are willing to pay.

Ticket pricing and promotions are powerful tools to build interest and generate demand in your low season and maximize your margins on each ticket during peak periods.

Pad Your Margins

Make more money for every product sold.

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Use dynamic pricing to maximize revenue on every ticket sold.

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Drive incremental revenue with tools like store credit, gift cards, gratuities, cancellation fees, and service charges.

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Create bundles and packages including tickets, retail, and F&B products.

Bring in More Visitors

Reach capacity during slower times with promotional tools.

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Manage seasonality effectively with discounts, coupons and sale prices in your shoulder season.

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Create promotional campaigns to build your audiences and bring more people through the door.

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Track campaign effectiveness with unique promo codes.

Expand and Improve Your Offering

Vary your offering to appeal to different buyers and keep your loyal fans coming back for more.

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Upsell customers to a VIP experience, or cross-sell them merchandise, at the moment they’re most likely to convert.

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Offer add-ons like insurance, parking, retail or food and beverage.

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Turn customers into sales ambassadors allowing them to generate new customers through gift certificates and donations in-kind.

Automated Processes Improve Your Operations

Time and labor costs saved with automation and ease of use have a big impact on your bottom line.

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RocketRez operators report dozens of hours saved by automating price changes.

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Bulk reporting on promotional campaigns and revenue operations leads to faster decision making.

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Advanced inventory management maximizes revenue on both tickets and retail products.

What Do You Get With Pricing & Promotions?


Offer better ticket options and packages at the point of purchase to increase order value and improve guest experience.

Cross Selling

Offer complementary retail, food & beverage or other products at the point of purchase to increase order value and improve guest experience.

Dynamic Pricing

Set price rules to increase or decrease prices based on ticket sales and demand. Rules can be linked to capacity or event start time.

Product Bundles

Sell multiple complementary products such as tickets, retail items, and parking as a single bundle so guests get all of what they need to better enjoy the experience.


Create themed packages that combine event access and retail items to increase the order value of event attendees and private charters.

Promo Codes

Generate demand and increase turnover on stagnant or seasonal items. Reward guests, create flash sales, and offer a variety of discounts.

Store Credit

Provide ticket refunds in the form of store credit to be ensure your customer gets to experience your attraction.

Gift Certificates

Sell gift certificates to increase your pre-sold revenue and let customers gift your experience to their friends.  


Allow visitors to show their appreciation by adding gratuity to their order or bill.

Integrated with your favorite partners.

RocketRez comes out of the box with integrations into a set of best-in-class technology vendors to help you with payments, distribution, advertising, communication, pricing & more.

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