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Unlocking Hidden Revenue with Spotlio's Dynamic Pricing: Insights from Leaders in Tourism Tech

As the tourism industry rapidly evolves, mastering dynamic pricing strategies has become crucial for maximizing revenue and staying competitive. Despite the clear advantages, many operators continue to struggle with the complexity of implementing and optimizing dynamic pricing models effectively.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear industry leaders at RocketRez, Spotlio and Gulf Islands Waterpark discuss the transformative potential of dynamic pricing in the experience economy. This webinar marks the launch of our exciting new partnership with Spotlio, making RocketRez the first ticketing system in our industry to offer Spotlio’s advanced dynamic pricing tools directly within our platform. Our panelists will share their perspectives on:

  • The key challenges and opportunities dynamic pricing presents for tourism and attractions businesses.
  • Real-world success stories illustrating the significant revenue uplift that can be achieved.
  • Strategic insights into integrating advanced pricing technologies with existing business systems.
  • The impact of dynamic pricing on customer satisfaction and business growth.


John Pendergrast

John Pendergrast

John Pendergrast is the Founder, CEO, and product visionary of RocketRez. He began RocketRez as a solo entrepreneur and has grown it to serve customers around the world, completed Series A and B fundraising rounds, and successfully navigated the pandemic shutdowns to help our customers overcome challenges and perform better than ever.
Tim Samson

Tim Samson

Tim Samson, Solution Strategist at Spotlio, excels in strategic marketing and revenue growth. Known for his transformative leadership, he leverages eCommerce platforms and innovative strategies to enhance brand exposure and optimize sales. Tim fosters growth through effective team leadership and strategic partnerships.
Mark Moore

Mark Moore

Mark Moore is the General Manager at Gulf Islands Waterpark with over 25 years of experience in the waterpark industry, overseeing multi-million dollar budgets, resort/waterpark openings, and brand rollouts. Known for his hands-on leadership, Moore excels at developing talent, driving revenue growth, and delivering outstanding guest experiences.
Daniel Pino

Daniel Pino

Daniel Pino is the Director of Business Development at RocketRez, with over 7 years of experience in the travel and hospitality industry. He is known as the Founder and CEO of TourOpp GO!, an automated messaging platform for tour and activity operators, which was recently acquired by RocketRez.

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