Integrate order ticketing into your restaurant with the RocketRez KDS Print feature

Matt Lederman
June 7, 2023

Incorrect orders account for 62% of customer complaints in a restaurant. A KDS significantly reduces errors of all kinds, improving your guest experience. Tour and Attraction operators need a kitchen management system, but are forced to seek an outside integration with a restaurant software too complex for their needs – or use handwritten paper ticket orders.

The RocketRez POS system with mobile ticket printing capabilities.

RocketRez is excited to introduce our new KDS Print feature that is built for a simple restaurant at a Tour or Attraction. It integrates directly into your Point-of-Sale system allowing servers to send customer orders to be printed as classic-style restaurant tickets in the kitchen.  

Using the RocketRez KDS provides several advantages by being managed through the same system as your ticketing, gift shop, memberships and other revenue centers of your business.  


Integrate your restaurant's menu into the same point-of-sale system that runs your ticketing and retail sales. Managers can load pre-set food and corresponding prices into the system and update as needed. Since they are familiar with the system and views, employees can be easily trained to take restaurant orders.  

Paper Ticketing 

Many cooks prefer paper ticketing. Tickets are widely used, easy to organize and can be easily moved to different stations around the kitchen. Upgrade your current system by integrating with the printer hardware of your choosing from your RocketRez POS system.

Full Flexibility 

Management can easily report on the revenue, margins and operational efficiency of their restaurant. They can also experiment with different menu offers, cross-selling with ticketing and retail or member discounts. Programmable functionality allows you to make creative changes in minutes, not days.

The RocketRez KDS Print feature is available to all current RocketRez customers.

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Matt Lederman
Marketing Manager