Ideas for Growing Your Tour or Attraction Revenue

Written by Matt Lederman
Last updated on Mar 01, 2023

If you're looking for ways to increase revenue in your tour or attraction business, then you've come to the right place. Here, we'll explore several strategies that could help boost your bottom line.

From embracing digital marketing and using analytics to understand your customers better, to creating a loyalty program and partnering with local businesses, there are plenty of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. With the right approach, you can effectively grow your tour business and increase profits. Read on for more ideas worth exploring!

Offer photos to customers

Why not offer your customers the opportunity to purchase photos taken during their tour? Offering photos is still a lucrative upsell, even in 2023! This can be a great way to generate additional revenue and provide an extra special experience for visitors. Depending on your setup, you may want to assign a photographer or use existing cameras set up around the attractions.

Our RocketPhoto add-on enables you to present digital photo packages or print products with ease. On average, you can increase the per-passenger revenue by 20%.

With a digital package, customers can easily share their photos on social media and help your business increase organic reach. Even if you choose to offer only prints instead, guests will remember their experience for years to come with a tangible photo in hand!

Get your retail online

Have a gift shop at your tour or attraction? Get your merchandise online! With RocketRez, you can load all of your retail and tours online. Customers can add retail items while booking their tour. Your customers can bundle tour tickets with retail items.

Increase your AOV(Average order value)

Time to start Cross Selling + Up Selling

Cross selling and upselling are a key way that operators can add ancillary revenue. You are booking customers direct on your website or at your ticket office, why not offer them additional things to do in town?

You can easily load partner product inventory in RocketRez or work with us to show you how to facilitate cross selling.

Upselling is a must do. Options include upgrades to VIP seating, food and beverage packages, retail items, a second experience on your tour or in your attraction.

Take a look at how Xtreme Xperience, a RocketRez customer, upsells in their web engine.

Work with more OTAs & Distributors

This is a hotly contested topic and it is up to the individual set of needs for your business whether or not it makes sense.  One cannot deny that having these big marketing budgets working for you to drive more customers to you is a good thing.  Now more than ever it is easier to work with more OTA's.

Proceed with caution and watch your volumes/margins.  

Our Channel Manager is integrated to over 60 of the top OTA's and distributors around the world. Read more about channel management here.

Go Private

Due to Covid and increased awareness of crowds, travelers are more than ever attracted to private tours and small group activities.

Where possible, try to flip the high volume/low cost model of 2019 (pre-covid) to a High cost/ low volume model. Build high touch, private group experiences. Don't be afraid to charge the right amount for these! Private tours are very popular and the most searched term in our space right now.

Check out this great article on Forbes to gain some additional insights.

Presell Food & Beverage Packages

If your tour or attraction offers food and beverage, a quick win for you is too add food and beverage packages. RocketRez gives you to the tools easily build a package of food and drinks to offer online ahead of time.

This allows you to manage inventory ahead, guarantee additional revenue and prepare the cafes/galleys with the proper order levels.

Focus on Local

Locals have become one of the best markets for tour companies, almost overnight.  Some quick tips to attract locals:

  • Optimise your website with deals just for locals.
  • Look for advertising opportunities in local sites, radio, news and deal sites.
  • Include your location in Keyword search. You want to show up when locals Google "Things to do in {insert your city}".

Offer Memberships or Multi-use Passes

Focusing on repeat customers is the most cost effective path to additional revenue. Pass programs or memberships to your product is a great way to sell into your current customer base.

RocketRez offers a membership module that allows you to easily offer customers a multi-use pass with tons of flexibility and usage parameters. Assign specialty rates, discounts, gifts and more to encourage your guests to visit regularly

Launch Holiday Promotions now!

People are pre-purchasing experiences now for the whole year ahead. Get your website loaded with all of your holiday experiences now and start taking bookings.

Many of our operators have seen success with this. Take a look at BB Riverboats, another RocketRez customer. They have preloaded 3 holiday tours already for the year and are taking bookings!

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Matt Lederman

Matt Lederman is the Marketing Manager at RocketRez.