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Xtreme Xperience is described very well by their mission: to put anyone in the driver’s seat of the supercar of their dreams. In order to do this most effectively the secret is, in fact, logistics. They own a fleet of over 30 supercars including Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens and more – which they take on the road from home base in Chicago to over 35 cities across the United States. Car enthusiasts can put their foot to the floor in a 700-horsepower vehicle on a professional racetrack. Unsurprisingly – their target market is thrilled!

The Client:
Xtreme Xperience

“If we can find a way to take those posters off the wall, get those dreams out of your head and make them a reality – then why not? Let’s make this thing possible.”  — Adam Olalde, Founder of Xtreme Xperience

How it started 

Founder and CEO Adam Olalde discovered the business formula. Initially the business was rental based – customers would take a car for the weekend.

Through interacting with customers, he realized that true car enthusiasts wanted to really experience the car beyond what city streets could provide. Adam partnered with a racetrack just outside of Chicago, did some early marketing and was met with overwhelming demand that required some creativity to meet.

It dawned on him that this was a business that had a potential market in many different locations, and early experiments found that other cities were just as enthusiastic. Over several years, they have now scaled operations across the U.S.

“If we can find a way to take those posters off the wall, get those dreams out of your head and make them a reality – then why not? Let’s make this thing possible.”
Adam Olalde, Founder of Xtreme Xperience

The turning point 

Early Xtreme Xperience employees developed a relationship with the employees of another Chicago based company, a small startup, that acted as a channel partner to sell discounted tickets to their events.

The initiative was so popular that soon 90% of their sales came from this channel.

By 2010, this startup had grown meteorically to become one of the most popular apps in America and was valued at $1.35 billion before eventually going public.

The company was Groupon and Xtreme Xperience was able to ride this wave of popularity to gain visibility and set the stage for their own significant expansion.

Their content strategy 

Cars are an important part of American culture and many people have an affinity for them. Xtreme Xperience is an industry disruptor, in the sense that they allow average people access to cars that very few people are practically able to own.

This is the underlying theme in all social media presence that they have – no matter what walk of life you come from, you can have a memorable experience with the car of your dreams. When creating and approving any media - it is imperative that this aspirational and inclusive feeling shines through.

The product lends itself very naturally to visual content – video being the most popular, as the excitement of the experience shines through very clearly.

Marketing advice for other Tours and Attractions businesses 

Xtreme Xperience believes that no matter what specific niche you belong to in the Tours and Attractions space, the key is to know who you are and what you’re about.

This is the basis of all effective sales and marketing strategies.

From there, it is imperative to make sure you’re communicating your message well, which means taking off your marketing hat and truly putting yourself in the shoes of your customer. Imagine that you are someone coming across your brand online for the first time – ask yourself if you are communicating your company values clearly?

This is a never-ending process of improvement that will provide great business rewards over the long term.

“I refuse to stop pushing our organization to move fast. Fast is what’s important, because fast is where you learn. If you slow down, you may miss what your customer wants next."
Adam Olalde, Founder of Xtreme Xperience

What’s next for Xtreme Xperience? 

The company culture emphasizes dreaming big, and there is no shortage of enthusiasm to expand the experiences they are offering customers.

From drag racing to off road vehicles to classic cars to hosting their own car rally – Xtreme Xperience considers no idea too large for their team to brainstorm ways to make a reality.

To lend a metaphor from a car mechanic, Xtreme Xperience believes in a three-part process for business success – Tune, Bolt and Boost.

Tuning is making sure everything that is in place is working to the best of its capacity. Bolting is a linear process of adding and improving to your current offering to make it better.

Boosting is an exponential process, where new innovative ideas to take the business to a new level are evaluated for investment. All three processes are important to business success.

In order to maintain focus and discipline with many projects competing for time, the team always goes back to their mission – and eliminates any project that ultimately doesn’t serve to advance it.

“I refuse to stop pushing our organization to move fast. Fast is what’s important, because fast is where you learn. If you slow down, you may miss what your customer wants next." —  Adam Olalde, Founder of Xtreme Xperience

How has RocketRez helped Xtreme Xperience? 

Xtreme Xperience offers a diverse suite of products including nine different cars, a pit pass, photo and video options and branded merchandise.

Their online booking engine requires high-resolution imagery and a clean, guided buying experience to ensure customers understand the options and the excitement shines through.

The RocketRez Web Engine is built specifically to unlock these capabilities for a unique online buying experience – as such, it was a perfect match for integration. 

RocketRez modular tools can support creative sales combinations that have unlocked additional revenue streams for Xtreme Xperience.  

Xtreme Xperience is a great business and an inspiring entrepreneurial growth story. We are proud to partner with them to put more people in the supercar of their dreams for years to come!

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