Increased sales efficiency after implementing RocketRez

Eight hundred yards away from lower Manhattan, accessible to all New Yorkers by a short ferry ride, is Governors Island. The scenic, 172-acre space is home to an award-winning park, dozens of historic buildings, year-round educational and cultural facilities, a rich arts and cultural program and over 1 million visitors per year.

The Client:
Governors Island
Tours & Transportation
Upgrade ticketing efficiency

Their mission is “to realize the full potential of Governors Island for the inspiration and enjoyment of all New Yorkers.” To help achieve this mission, they looked to upgrade the efficiency of their ferry ticketing process in order to serve more customers in a convenient manner.  


Governors Island receives roughly 2,000 visitors per weekday and up to 20,000 visitors each weekend.  This volume of people can create bottlenecks in a manual ticketing process.

The manual method was limited by the capacity of ticket agents to sell tickets, answer the phone and help with various customer service functions.

When COVID-19 forced them toward social distancing protocols, they worried their sales capacity would be hampered and they would lose their inclusive buying experience in the process.  

“Before RocketRez, we had handheld ticketing devices with card readers on them. The only option was to purchase tickets just as you were getting on the boat.”
Robert Lomangino, Operations Project Manager


The Governors Island case was a perfect application for RocketRez. It showcases our unique capabilities to help increase ticket capacity by selling tickets in-person, online and by phone – while providing unique customization options and full visibility of multi-channel transactions to the Governors Island operations team.  

There are three main points of value when re-imagining your sales process on an all-in-one cloud platform that Governors Island captured effectively:

Flexible ticketing

The core of RocketRez is providing ultimate flexibility in ticketing options. Online, via phone and point-of-sale purchases are all managed by the same central software with real time capacity rules.

“We’re excited to have a whole chain of ticket purchasing options – from online ahead of time, to ‘day-of’ at a kiosk, to a ticket agent on-site available to answer the phone or any questions as needed.”

Integrating with hardware such as a point-of-sale system or a kiosk is simple, connected and allows you to present your customized buyer experience through any medium.

Increased staff productivity

Self-serve kiosks are a tremendous investment when you have high traffic areas on-site and have an operation that runs late into the night. Governors Island satisfied both these conditions and was able to transform their on-site ticketing process with the investment in four kiosks at the ticket booth.

“We wanted to invest in self-serve kiosks for low traffic times. Our goal is to be open 24-7, 365, and it is mutually advantageous to not need a ticket agent on staff at midnight on a weekday.”

No longer do they require a ticket agent to stay late into the night. Ticket agent energy is spent on value added activities – such as answering questions and various customer service functions.

Custom options for your unique goals

Every business contains nuances of customer insight that allow operators to make the experience special. Governors Island knew their ticketing process would not be complete without a custom feature to accept cash payment.

“We are a public park and want equitable access, so we need to ensure there are options so that people who have no credit card can purchase in cash.”

This way, individuals and families who do not have a credit card can experience a great day on the island.

“[We love] having an interactive back-end dashboard that allows us to adapt our ticketing offers to our changing operations. We’re seasonal, weekend-focused, often have special events, and activities can extend late into the night. Having a system that can all work together and change as we need it to is great for the future.”
Robert Lomangino, Operations Project Manager


On top of the technical capabilities of the RocketRez software, Governors Island was impressed by the focused effort the RocketRez team made towards ensuring all their big picture goals were met.

This included a custom development project to ensure cash payment was accepted at all kiosks, as well as consultative support to align a preferred provider for hardware.

Above all, the main difference provided by the RocketRez all-in-one, cloud ticketing system is full visibility across your entire business. Data is tracked across the entire platform, making it easier for operators to run reports and understand their sales and profitability.

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