Memberships and guest management

Members are Your Best Brand Ambassadors

Build a direct relationship with your customers to drive repeat visits, increased purchases, referrals, and support.

Memberships and loyalty programs are the best way to add revenue from existing customers

Loyalty members spend up to 20% more than non-members and visit more frequently while increasing customer membership by 5% can lead to 95% boost in profit.

Customers who become members have greater long-term value.


Repeat visitors are twice as likely to leave a positive review.


Boost profits with customer retention.
Bain & Co

Turn visitors into members, donors and brand ambassadors

Automate routine engagement tasks and improve the experience along your full customer journey.

Celebrate Your Customers

Rewarding your best customers with discounts, and rewards is a great way to keep them coming back.

  • Offer exclusive rates and entitlements to your best customers to show them they are valued.
  • Call out top donors and long-time members to show other guests the added value of your attraction.
  • Request reviews from your members and give them a platform to celebrate your shared values.

Engage Your Most Loyal Fans

Frequent engagement is the ultimate plan to maintain your member loyalty.

  • Segment your audience to serve your customers the most relevant offers.
  • Ask them about their last visit, when there next visit will be, and remind them that you miss them.
  • Track their opens and clicks, and replies, and keep an eye on who is engaged and who might be dropping off.

Sign Up More Members

Promote your memberships program at every chance through automated email, SMS, and cross-sell opportunities with ticket purchases.

  • Put your membership program front and center, letting everyone know the added benefits.
  • Use the power of social proof and let your best members do your recruiting with public reviews.
  • Show your customers that you share the same values and promise to give back when they do.

What do you get with RocketRez Memberships and Guest Engagement?

Offering memberships to your attraction is one of the best ways to secure predictable recurring revenue and increase the lifetime value of your best customers.

Recurring Billing

Automatically charge memberships fees on a monthly or annual interval, and manage billing details.

Cart Abandonment

Send automated emails to customers who don’t complete their transaction. Offer incentives to complete the checkout.

Contact Management

Maintain a list of all your visitors and buyers, including their personal and payment information, visit and purchase history.


Request feedback from visitors after they've left your attraction to improve your guest experience.

Forms & Waivers

Collect information before the traveller arrives to speed up access and ensure their preferences are met.

Rates, Discounts & Offers

Give your most loyal customers the rewards they deserve with special rates, discounts ,and rewards.

Integrated with your favorite partners

RocketRez comes out of the box with integrations into a set of best-in-class technology vendors to help you with payments, distribution, advertising, communication, pricing & more.

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