End-to-end Operations For Attractions

Manage your tickets, retail, and F&B sales across all channels in a single operating system for large-scale attractions.

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How Reunion Tower Transformed Their Photo Business

“When we signed up with RocketRez, we thought we’d get a vendor, but in reality, we’ve found a helpful partnership where we can ask questions and regularly hear back from them within a couple of hours, not waiting days or weeks.”

- Shawn Miller, Director of Operations, Reunion Tower

Tickets, Retail, F&B together

Managing your different business units in a single platform allows you to sell more when you sell them together.

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Offer retail and pre-paid food & beverage with online advance ticket purchase.

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See how each customer spends across your different product lines.

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Learn how, when, and where to promote your products on-site.

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True channel management

Channel management is more than just channel connectivity between digital, in-person, and OTA sales.

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Provide set inventory to each channel, or have them all draw from a single source.

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Manage pricing for each channel to take advantage of their peak times.

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Pre-set rules, or update pricing and availability on the fly.

Communication is key

Most visitors prefer more communication as they prepare to visit your attraction.

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Send notifications on what to know before they arrive.

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Provide additional information about things they can do and see while on-site.

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Follow up on their experience and request a positive review.

Streamline your marketing and communications with your customers, whether by email or SMS.

Attractions-Specific Features

Retail and Food & Beverage

Manage and sell tickets together with retail and food & beverage in the same system.

Event Management

Host private events to gain brand exposure, all managed in the same ticketing operations software.

Photo System

Give your guests a piece of nostalgia with a photo system connected to your ticket booking system.

Guest Engagement

Connect with your guest to understand their preferences and ensure a great experience at your attraction.

Contactless Ticketing

Speed guests through admissions with contactless ticket purchasing and ticket scanning.

Channel Management

Sell out your capacity more often with sales across all channels – online, in-person, phone, kiosk, and OTAs.


Keep all your business operations management in one place with staff.

Timed Ticketing

Spread out your visitors throughout the day to avoid crowds, and keep people on-site.

Integrated with your favorite partners.

RocketRez comes out of the box with integrations into a set of best-in-class technology vendors to help you with payments, distribution, advertising, communication, pricing & more.

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