Zoos & Aquariums

A Digital Ecosystem for a Lifelong Customer Journey

Maui Ocean Center is throwing out the old notion of what a tourist must do on vacation and adopts an approach where the customer journey is passed down through generations.

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Ticketing and Operations for Zoos and Aquariums of the Future

Zoos and Aquariums are lining up to start their digital transformation and future-proof the guest experience 

A mother and her daughter smiling towards the camera at a bird park with parrots on their hat.

Deliver an Unforgettable Guest Experience

The experience begins well before your guest arrives and continues well past their departure.

  • Communicate to your guests what to expect before they arrive for a smooth on-site visit.
  • Keep them up to date with real-time notifications while they’re at your attraction.
  • Satisfied guests are more likely to leave a positive review that helps build your brand.
A hand holding a phone showing a notification that says, "The Elephant Feeding is happening in 15 minutes" in front of an elephant.

Take Every Opportunity to Upsell

Giving your customers the opportunity to purchase parking, food or retail in advance creates a better guest experience and increases the average customer value.

  • Cross-sell retail and food and beverage with the ticket purchase in the same cart.
  • Upsell to a higher ticket value that adds to the customer experience.
  • Use RocketPass to deliver real-time notifications and sales opportunities while guests are on-site.
A dashboard of multiple reporting modules showing information such as Ticket Sales by Site, Total Revenue, and Revenue by Product Type.

One System Means More Data

An all-in-one system that connects tickets, food, retail, events, memberships, donations, and operations means you have more data on your customer preferences and fewer headaches from managing software.

  • All of your products, pricing, and sales channels managed in one place.
  • Detailed reporting on each part of your revenue operations in a single dashboard.
  • Insights into how to improve your attraction and create a personalized experience.

Zoos and Aquariums Features


Turn visitors into members with 4x the lifetime value of each customer.

Contactless Entry

Speed up admissions with contactless ticket purchase and ticket scanning.


Spread out your traffic for a better experience, faster admissions, and fewer crowds.

Gift Shop POS

The same QR code that is scanned for admission can be used to purchase gift shop retail items with RocketPass.

Food & Beverage

The same QR code used for tickets and retail can also pay for your lunch with RocketPass.


Ask visitors to round up for charity or accept donations at any value.

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Integrated with your favorite partners

RocketRez comes out of the box with integrations into a set of best-in-class technology vendors to help you with payments, distribution, advertising, communication, pricing & more.

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