10 reasons why tours & attractions are switching to RocketRez

Written by Matt Lederman
Last updated on Mar 26, 2024

RocketRez is unique among other enterprise ticketing systems in its advanced feature set, ease of training, setup and continued operation.

Our clients manage their own data and setup without having to wait on RocketRez staff or programming personnel, and the list below covers just a few of the many reasons why our current clients love us. Take a look - RocketRez may be the right fit for you too!

1. Modern, Intuitive Interface 

Imagine a beautiful and modern user interface in an enterprise ticketing system!  RocketRez is intuitive, easy-to-use and powerful. Whether your staff are selling tickets at the Box Office, retail at the Gift Shop, booking private events, or running marketing reports, they will all access the same system and see the same clean, simple and easy-to-learn user-interface. 

2. Powerful & Fast Reporting 

Tired of waiting on your reports to load? We believe that gathering meaningful, actionable data is one of the most important things you can do to improve your operation.  It should not take your entire lunch break to pull a SQL report.

Whether you are looking for a standard report such as your Daily Closeout, or a complex, customized report that is tailored to your business, RocketRez has you covered! Generate reports in minutes, build report dashboards, and create customized reports that reflect data in real-time and provide the information you need to run your business. 

3. Rapid Onboarding 

We understand that implementing new software is no small task, and the RocketRez Support Team are ready! Our friendly and responsive representatives will ensure that you are ready for launch, and that you have all the tools you need to succeed. We recently onboarded an entire aquarium in less than a month, ticketing, training, Retail POS with Inventory and much more.  

4. Automation 

Don’t spend hours completing redundant tasks when you can free up time using automations! Increase productivity and communicate with internal staff and customers from directly within RocketRez. Build a custom survey to ask your customers the right questions and collect feedback easily by automating delivery times so surveys are sent out after your event. Need to Cancel an event? No problem. RocketRez automatically texts or emails your customers who booked that event. No more individualized reach outs. We do the heavy lifting, automatically! 

5. Modifying Orders Made Simple 

It is a fact of life. Customers change their mind. RocketRez helps you find, modify, and refund orders in seconds instead of minutes. Simple and attractive design makes it easy to train staff and get work done quickly and efficiently. 

6. Cloud-Based 

Servers and licensing fees are a thing of the past! RocketRez is agile, mobile friendly, and can be accessed from anywhere – all while keeping your data safe with bank-grade security. Every transaction is backed up to a duplicated backup system, so that you never lose business due data. We employ only the best enterprise-level hosting services to make sure your system is always online when you need it. 

7. No Required Hardware 

Hardware is expensive and we’re happy to say that in most cases we can use your existing systems. Touchscreen POS screen? Self serve ticket kiosks? No problem! Sell and scan tickets from anywhere. Need to print paper tickets, receipts and invoices? You’ve got it! Something you want to do, but don’t have the hardware for yet? We can help make sure that you have the right tools for the job. 

8. Hassle Free Passes 

Allow customers to buy once and visit often by offering multi-use and time-based passes. Maintain flexibility and convenience and offer special perks for monthly or annual members. Monitor remaining uses, and track scans to get an accurate picture of your customer preferences and needs. 

9. Easily Modify Events 

Create and change event details on the fly! Manage capacity, pricing, ticket types, start/end times, assign custom seating charts, and much more, in minutes. View the most important details about your event in a single place and ensure that everyone in your organization has the information that they need to succeed. 

10. Fast and Reliable Ticket Scanning 

Long lines? No problem. Get customers in the door quicker with RocketScan. Scan and validate a ticket in milliseconds! With real-time access control, your staff can scan paper or mobile tickets, validate memberships and passes, and keep the line moving so that your customers don’t have to spend their time standing in line.

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Matt Lederman

Matt Lederman is the Marketing Manager at RocketRez.