Key Findings

Analysis of New Revenue Opportunities

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Here are the quantified new revenue applied to our composite organization. Note: The revenue increases for Y2 and Y3 we calculated by only applying the percentage increase from Y1 to the different between Y1-Y2 and Y2-Y3 respectively.

Discount Rate: 15%

“When we made the switch over, I learned the system in about ten minutes. Anyone could. It’s just user-friendly. Changing reservations, making notes for private events, running a financial report daily, weekly or monthly to see revenue and number of passengers. It’s cut down on a lot of time for us! We have hours and hours of time saved from switching to RocketRez.”


Incremental Revenue

  • Upselling and Cross-Selling: Average online upsell revenue lift of 30% and a 1% conversion rate. Average on-site upsell value of $39.71 and SMS upsell conversion rate of 7%
  • Dynamic Pricing: Average revenue increase of 9.6%
  • Single Source of Inventory: Assuming an under-booking rate 10% of ticket inventory with locked allocation across channels
  • Abandoned Cart: Average travel abandoned cart rate of 70%, average lift from communication tools of 15%
  • Mobile-friendly Web Engine: Average increase in conversions of 30% with mobile-friendly web engine
  • Ticket Insurance: Tour and attraction cancellation rate of 8% added back
  • Positive Reviews: Assuming 17.5% increase in traffic from SEO, 15% increase in clicks to the website and a 4.6% increase in conversions

New Revenue

  • Memberships: RocketRez average member conversion rate of 0.7%
  • Donations: RocketRez donation conversion rate of 9.78% and average donation of $2.56 USD
  • Events: SMS communications result in average repeat visit rate of 7%

See citations for general market data used in assumptions.

Incremental Revenue Increase

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