Executive Summary

A Travel Industry Turning Point

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A recent study conducted by Skift and Amazon Web Services paints a picture of an industry amid a technological turning point. The business impact and competitive advantages are being realized by early adopter companies switching to best-in-class cloud technology, compared against a batch of late adopter companies who are desperate to catch up before it’s too late.
A bar graph showing the perceived benefits of cloud-based technology.

The research shows that companies are craving flexibility and agility from their software providers in order to meet complex demands around user experience, process automation, profitability, and scaling. This need is prevalent in the travel industry subsection of tours and attractions, particularly in the highly competitive mid-market, which is served traditionally by legacy on-premises software providers or managed through a group of non-connected point solutions.

Trends indicate a widespread consolidation to all-in-one, cloud-based software to reap the rewards of scale agility, channel flexibility, and data on the full customer journey afforded by the modern SaaS model.

A bar graph showing the most likely business disruptions in 2022 and 2023 by travel executives.
Executive Summary

RocketRez: The Cloud Ticketing and Operations Platform for Tours and Attractions

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