Executive Summary

RocketRez: The Cloud Ticketing and Operations Platform for Tours and Attractions

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RocketRez is a cloud ticketing and operations platform powering the next generation of tours and attractions. It combines flexible, multi-channel ticketing with cloud-based business management software to help tours and attractions increase revenue, reduce costs, save time, and elevate their guest experience.

The software makes it easy to sell tickets, retail, food and beverage, private events, memberships, photos, and tours all in one place. All products and all distribution channels draw from a single source of inventory, and data is cleaned and visually presented to give operators full visibility across their business.

With the recent release of RocketPass, the mobile web app that powers every transaction, communication, and information sharing, and enables reporting on every touchpoint across the entire journey at a venue, RocketRez has effectively created a two-way portal for end-to-end guest management.

Operators can collect purchasing, demographic, and behavioral data from customers, and immediately act on the insights directly through the mobile channel. This level of personalization in the guest experience has previously only been available at enterprise attractions who build proprietary software in-house. RocketRez has now enabled a turnkey solution for the mid-market.

“The larger chunk of our business is out in the field. Every boat has its own ticketing setup – but the boats can be ten miles apart.”

The modern tour and attraction customer expects a fast, easy, accessible, and convenient experience. RocketRez draws from SaaS, eCommerce, and consumer mobile software inspiration. This system, combined with in-house experts and white-glove service, empowers operators to deliver a best-in-class customer experience.  

To better understand, and provide full transparency around, the benefits, costs, and risks of switching to an all-in-one solution, RocketRez conducted a comprehensive analysis of the expected return on investment for an operator. The team used a combination of publicly available market research and actual customer interviews and data to create a composite organization, representative of the ideal customer profile for RocketRez.

The following is an in-depth look into the methodology that derived this ROI, the quantifiable business benefits and costs, qualitative insights, and finally, a net present value analysis over three years.

The RocketRez All-In-One Platform

The RocketRez Customer Journey

Before the Investment

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